S.Wine- pork fusion dishes at 3 Damansara Mall

There are days where we just crave a sinful porky meal, 
but it's not the easiest to find, is it? 
And even there is an abundance of pork serving restaurant, 
it's hard to find one with Western fusion, 
and comes in a lovely ambiance. 

Nestled in a quiet corner of the 3 Damansara mall (formerly known as Tropicana City Mall), 
this cafe based around pork dishes, as the name suggests, 
is a restaurant that combines all the modern elements when it comes to interior design, 
think nature, dark wooden tones, raw industrial touch and natural light shining through. 

This popular swine restaurant currently has 4 outlets across Malaysia. 
You could find them at the ever-bustling Publika, Publika Mall, 
Northerners' paradise Queensbay Mall as well as this humble restaurant at 3 Damansara mall. 

We have been here on two separate occasions, once during the evening, 
and as documented here, once in the daytime. 
As this place is pretty open and it uses the open ceiling concept allows natural light to shine through, 
I personally find that the air-conditioning has to compete really hard with the sun to keep the place cool. 
This premise is also rather small, 
so if you are coming with a group of friends, especially for dinner, 
reserve beforehand to avoid disappointment. 

This restaurant serves fusion food, 
from tantalizing Thai flavours, to creamy Western texture, 
this place has got all your pork cravings covered under one roof. 
In addition, S.Wine prides themselves for using only the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes; all of the premium cuts of pork are imported from Italy, Belgium and Spain to make these hearty dishes.

Latte RM10 (With soy milk additional RM3)

This thoughtful gesture of providing the option of soy milk in place of milk had caught me by surprise. 
I didn't imagine a restaurant would provide such thoughtful option, 
as it is almost impossible to even find in cafes which specializes coffee. 
Though soymilk was used, the quality of the coffee wasn't compromised even just a bit. 
It was creamy and absolutely fragrant, 
though I desperately wished it had come in a bigger cup for the price we were paying. 

Grilled lemongrass pork chops RM30
The pork chop was tender and juicy, 
with an unpared fragrance from the lemongrass, 
a flavour which reminds me of the Thai and we are a big fan of.
The rice was fragrant, and firm, 
great when paired with the salted egg yolk sauce, 
which is buttery, creamy and savoury. 
The taste and presentation wise, this dish absolutely deserves a 5/5,
but what's upsetting was the fact that the portion needed a major upgrade in order to feed a normal adult. 

Meatballs with tomato RM28

This dish though, worth every penny spent. 
The highlight of this dish was definitely the meatballs, 
but I felt like everything in this dish really complimented each other really well, 
without overshadowing the other. 
The pasta texture was cooked to perfection, al dente, to put it in the Italian way of saying. 
Unlike usual pasta sauce where you eat in a cheapo western restaurant, 
their tomato sauce was cooked with real tomatoes, 
you could even taste and see bits of tomato pieces in the sauce. 
I love how it was light but utterly flavourful, 
and adequately seasoned to bring down the slightly soury taste of the tomato without taking away the original taste of the tomatoes. 
The meatball, needless to say, was the bomb! 
I mean, nothing tops a pork meatball! 
Their higher fat content makes them absolutely tender, 
and the right seasoning used enhanced the flavour of the pork. 
I would definitely order this dish again if we visit this restaurant again! 

All in all, if you're a pork lover, 
and you have yet to try out S.Wine yet,
you've been missing out on life. 

S.Wine at 3 Damansara Mall / Tropicana City Mall
Address: Lot G-39B & 39-C, Ground Floor & First Floor, Tropicana City Mall.
Phone: 03-77100393
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily.

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