Althea Makeup Tutorial and Review

If you were to ask me, 
what's the most exciting launches in K-beauty in 2019 so far, 
my answer would definitely be... 
I have always been a fan of Althea for their friendly price tag but high-quality products,
which, dare I say, has changed my skin for the better since I was introduced to. 
I'd always recommend Althea products to anyone who is just looking to start a skincare regime, 
and someone who has sensitive skin, 
and most, if not all of them came back to me with good reviews. 

*full face using Althea, tutorial at the end of post*

With the launch of Althea makeup
it could only mean one thing, 
high-quality Althea makeup is made even more affordable and accessible now! 

I have the privilege to work with Althea
to share with you, 
my very own makeup look using these items sent by Althea
alongside with my thoughts on the items used. 

The easiest makeup to use amongst the collection has got to be these Water Colour Cream Tint

Althea Water Colour Cream Tint (4.5ml; RM20 per piece) 
or RM72 for a set of 4!

Whether you know how to put on makeup, or whether you prefer sporting a light or a full face of makeup, these Water Colour Cream Tint has something for everyone!

If you are not familiar with tint,
it's a liquid type lip colour that stains your lips,
meaning it's meant to stay on your lips for a longer period (in contrast to ordinary lipsticks) and thrive through drinking and eating throughout the day to provide you the radiant glow.
But the main drawback with these intense staying power is that they often dry your lips out.
If you love the staying power but at the same time want the look and feel of a supple and juicy lip,
then this might be what you're looking for.

The Althea Water Colour Cream Tint is infused with:
Squalene - To condition and improve the suppleness of the lips 
Hyaluronic acid - To attract moisture onto the skin

The Althea Water Colour Cream Tint comes in 4 colours:
Plum Cream : A rich, luxurious plum shade, perfect for a night out
Strawberry Cream : A juicy red reminiscent of freshly bitten strawberries
Peach Cream : A brightening, fresh coral with pink undertones to suit both warm and cool skin tone
Marron Cream : An MLBB shade made from browns and pinks for a chic, everyday look

These colours are exceptionally pigmented,
as what's seen in the tube!
It glides really smoothly over the lips and one swipe is all it takes to provide coverage to your own lip colour.
It is also pigmented enough to cover any discolouration around the lips area.
Once applied, the lips look instantly enhanced,
lips appear smooth and plump as if one has just done lip fillers,
but minus the tingling sensation and overdone look.
It feels more akin to water than cream on the lips,
and it dries down really quickly without leaving a tacky and sticky feeling.
It dries down onto a comfortable matte that's still slightly transferable,
but it really does stain the lips.
Each of them is infused with a happy, sweet fruit scent to enhance the application experience.
That said, I would still advice topping up the cream stain after meals to ensure an immaculate look.
I absolutely adore the fact that though being a liquid stain, it does not bleed, so using a lip liner is totally optional.
The tip of the applicator is also fine enough for precise application.
Dot a few dots on the lips and spread them across the lips to create a bitten gradient lip or apply an even layer all over the lips to create a fuller looking lips.

Infused with Aquaxyl, an ingredient derived from birch tree sap - creates a moisture barrier on the skin and prevents dehydration.

Comes in 4 shades:
#01 Vanilla (Pink beige #21),
#02 Ginger (Warm ivory #21),
#03 Honey (Warm peach #23-#25),
#04 Mocha (Deeper yellow #30) 

This concealer comes in a clear tube, equipped with a doe-foot applicator for easier dispensing and application.
It has a creamy texture which blends seamlessly into the skin, whilst providing substantial coverage.
For higher coverage, blend with your fingers or brush;
to sheer it out, use a dampen beauty sponge.
It leaves a semi-matte finish that does not cling onto dry patches
and does not emphasize the look of fine lines and pores. 
It also doesn't oxidise once it's dried, thus ideal as an under eye concealer,
or use on high points of the face to brighten the area.
It also doesn't dry up the skin or cake up throughout the day,
making it great for covering blemishes or acne,
without emphasizing the look of it at the end of the day.
My favourite way to use it is by dotting it on my under eye area and blend it out with my fingers.
I love how weightless it feels, allowing my skin to breathe while providing adequate coverage for my dark under eyes.
As a person who doesn't sport a heavy base makeup often,
I find that this concealer looks undetectable and blends really well with my bare skin while providing coverage for my hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks and chin area.
If you have oily skin like mine, I'd recommend gently setting the concealed area with just a touch of powder to make sure it stays in place.

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This is probably the most highly anticipated launch for me,
but is also one that is more disappointing,
not in terms of the quality,
but more on the hefty price tag.

First of all, let's look at the packaging,
it's a stunning and sturdy acrylic packaging,
comes with a ginormous mirror which is definitely useful and handy while travelling.
It comprises of 2 matte shades, 4 shimmer shades, and 2 glitter shades,
and each of them nicely packed in a relatively huge square pan.
While carrying so much product, the overall packaging still feels light and easy to travel with.

Now let's shift our focus onto the quality of the shadow.
These shadows are pretty pigmented for a Korean eye shadow;
I would say I have medium / light olive skin tone with a warm undertones,
but these colours show up pretty well on my skin.
These 8 shades which come in the palette are also sufficient to create a complete makeup look, or two (one with the neutral tones one with the reddish tones).
These colours swatch beautifully,
and blend seamlessly into the skin, creating the most stunning gradient, without being patchy.
I love how the shimmery shades don't have big chunks of glitters,
make them suitable to be used even on the crease as transition shade yet still manage to create a clean and defined look.
The glitters are great as toppers, which would go with any makeup look,
it's best applied with fingers to intensify the outcome.
However, these eye shadows do cake up slightly when you're picking the colours up,
and depending on the type of brushes that you use,
you might experience fall out when applying onto your eyelids.
So I'd say do your eye make up first before your base makeup to prevent looking like a hot mess.

Gold Light 
Pink Light 

I could still remember back when the glitters at the "aegyosal" was the "it-thing.
But it was soon associated with being tacky and over the top.
But recently, Korean has totally brought the glitters back to life,
and I am now a total convert again!

There are so many ways to use glitters,
you could use them on the centre of your eyes to make your eyes pop even more,
apply on the aegyosal to create a cute and innocent puppy eye effect,
apply under your eyes, at the centre where your eyeballs are to create a teary look,
or place them at the inner corners to create the illusion of a bigger eye.

As these are placed so close to the eyes,
many products tend to give a tingling sensation,
which can make the application process uncomfortable.
I haven't experience this with the Althea Spotlight Eye glitters!
They apply easily thanks to its precise applicator;
comfortable and hydrating to the eyes thanks to the infused natural moisturising complex;
and it stays put all day in spite of sweat or tears!
It also doesn't interfere with powder eye shadows!
Some of the liquid glitters I have used have the tendency to mess up the eye shadow especially when used over powder eye shadow,
it always end up making the eye make up look messy and patchy!
But this hasn't been giving me such problem!

Now that we have read all about Althea's makeup,
it's time for the tutorial!
If you want to know how I create this look which is perfect for day out,
or you could switch up the lip colours for an evening look,
then keep reading! 

As these eyeshadows tend to have some fall out,
I'd recommend applying concealer after the eye makeup.
This way you'll be able to conceal your dark eye circles,
while clean up any mess at the same time!

And last but not least,
pop on #4 marron cream to get this look!

You could also switch the lip colour out to any lip colour to jazz up the look!

All of the products mentioned above are available at Althea's official website
Also, click here to enjoy 20% off your first purchase! 

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