Best vegan lattes at La Juceria Superfoods, Bangsar

Healthy eating is the latest eating trend.
And I am glad that Malaysian is also picking up the trend and follow suit. 
Because let's be honest, cafe's with cute decors often serve the most mundane food like pasta and burgers, finding a cafe with incredible ambiance and healthy food has been really challenging.
But, the tide has turned now with the introduction of La Juiceria Superfoods signature.

This place is not new at all, by the time I am writing this blog post, 
but when it was new, 
it definitely caused a stir amongst the influencers, 
for its amazing decors and the delicious but healthy food they served. 

D and I were there on a friend gathering and this place definitely didn't disappoint in terms of ambiance!
Not only was it baby friendly this place was also very brightly lit, spacious and comfortable.
I'd imagine this place to be ideal for any kinds of celebrations, family gatherings, girly hangout or even post-workout brunch situations. 

I would stop elaborating on the ambiance and go straight into the food. 

I am allergic to dairy but I am a huge drinker of chai, 
so the first thing I did when I was handed the menu was to flip over to the beverage pages 
and this almond milk chai latte instantly caught my eyes!

There are however two types of chai on the menu, 
if you're not particular about dairy and you love a caffeine kick in your chai, 
make sure to go for dirty chai, which by the way is equally good!

Premium Chai Latte (RM14)
This almond milk chai latte has got to be THE BEST CHAI LATTE in KL,
and that's a bold claim. 
Unlike the usual almond milk you get in the market, 
their almond milk is thick and creamy and doesn't get separated or sedimented if left for a while. 
They retain their thick and creamy texture throughout the serving and I was really impressed. 
As for the chai, there was no other way to describe it other than being utterly flavourful. 
And it is not for no reasons as they were incredibly generous with their spices, 
and the perfect blend of different spices created an impeccable aroma that puts all other chai lattes to shame! 
If there's one thing you must try from this cafe, make it this one! 

This dish must have been taken off the menu because I can't seem to find it now. 
Anyway, this dish comprised of ONE piece of sous vide chicken breast, 
two pieces of toast, two poached eggs and some Thai coconut curry sauce. 
While I absolutely adore the Thai coconut curry sauce and thought it went perfectly well with the chicken and eggs, 
and the chicken breast though being the most fibrous part of the chicken was absolutley tender and juicy,
I somehow don't think all of these justify the price tag.
If I am not mistaken, this dish cost us more than RM30 and it barely filled the base of our tummy.

The eggs benedict must have been removed from the menu too. 
But I reckon it must be after many complaints of its depressng portion and mediocre quality.  

Truffle Mushroom Soup (RM11)
Fragrant and delicious mushroom soup topped with a truffle oil, 
this soup is a treat for anyone who wants a hearty food. 
This is different from what you'd normally have at your usual western restaurant where the cream seemed to have stole the show of the mushrooms. 
Here, you could taste the bits and pieces of mushrooms, albeit finely ground to create a smooth texture. 
Thick and creamy, this bowl of soup would keep you wanting for more! 
I would say it's well worth the RM11 price tag.

Before we left, I bought a bottle of their signature Almond Mylk but was so disappointed to find that the bottle of Almond Mylk has turned sour. 
Thank goodness they offered us a refund when we approached them about the spoilt almond milk.

After this particular visit, we have visited them once more to try out their Teriyaki Australian Beef Poke Bowl (RM24.90) and I am happy to report that they have certainly improved in terms of portion and now I feel like their food is more appropriately priced. 
The poke bowl came with a generous portion of teriyaki beef, which were well marinated and absolutely tender. 
The vege on the sides also complemented the beef really well. 
It totally changed our perception towards them and we now look forward to pay them another visit and try out other foods! 

La Juiceria Superfoods Signature – Nadi Bangsar 
Address: Unit No. Retail 1, Ground Level, Pangsapuri Servis Nadi Bangsar, No. 16, Jalan Tandok, Bangsar Baru
Opening hours: 8a.m. – 10p.m.
Phone line: 03-2303 0921

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