ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack Review

The V-shaped face is definitely the most sought after face shape now thanks to the blooming of unrealistic K-beauty standards, which have totally put my rounded face to shame. LOL. 
Undoubtedly, the V-shaped face gives you a youthful, feminine appearance and it accentuates our facial features.
And most importantly, in this day where social media is dominating our lives, this thin silhouette makes you look good in photos and from all angles.  

The truth is, the V-shaped visage is so coveted, particularly in Asia, that many people have actually gone under the knife to achieve this look. 
It may give you the perfect symmetry to your face along with a chin so sharp you could poke, permanently, 
alas many have reported having to live with the consequences of shaving off their jaw bones. Unable to ingest food is just amongst the many complications that come with the surgery. 

Whilst I have been longing for my entire life for a V-shaped visage, I know going under the knife is not an option, at least for me.
But that doesn't mean I have to succumb to the fate of my round face and give up on my life; 
even if you're born with relatively V-shaped face, you should also take care and maintain it as
aging and gravity can cause your facial shape to have a “dropping” appearance as your nasolabial becomes more prominent and jawline loose definition. 
Thanks to the vast improvement in technology, there are a lot of products in the market which can help tighten and provide us with a firm looking skin while enhancing our facial shape.

And while I would totally use a topical facial product to achieve V-shaped face,
to me, it still does matter if a product comes from a well-known company with intensive research to back up their products efficacy.

I know I can 100% be at ease if it's a product from the IDPLACOSMETICS
as you may have known,
I have personally used and loved their face masks in the past.
Just in case you haven't been caught up yet,
IDPLACOSMETICS was founded by Dr. Park in 2014 with one aim in mind, that was to treat patients' tender and delicate skin after facial surgery or any aesthetic treatments.

ID.AZ has also since gained fame all over Asia and has set up hospitals in countries like Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia!
Based on more than 18 years of surgical experience and data collected from over 60,000 successful facial surgeries,
IDPLACOSMETICS now launched a new line where its products are formulated to cater to achieve desire facial contouring effect which can be done at home, and completely non-invasive.
IDPLACOSMETICS presents Dermastic (Dermatology & Cosmetics) for caring of sensitive skin and incorporates our accumulated know how through specialty functioning products that helps provide lifting and contouring through non-invasive Placosmetics (Plastic Surgery + Cosmetics) products.
And this new line named FACE FIT is especially targeted to slim, give volume and lift the face through its product line up.

I have the absolute honour to experiment with the CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack!

ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleep Mask (RM199)

Main function :
1. Improve skin density - enhance elastic formation 
2. Improve sagging face - Sodium Deoxycholate (SDC) helps tightening the skin while breaking down fats underneath the skin
3. Lifiting - promotes slimming and firming functions
4. Anti-aging - smooth out wrinkles 

In a study conducted by themselves, they have also found that after 4 weeks after usage, 14.74% users have reported improvement in dermal density; 26.67% saw an improvement in cheek lifting and improved their saggy contour; whereas an overall of 87% percent of users felt their skin appear bouncier and fuller after 4 weeks of usage. 

How to:
Use this product as the final step of your skincare routine,
or on its own overnight,
every single night to see visible results.

This product comes in a 30ml volume,
packaged in the most luxurious silver looking cube tub.
The container twist opens easily, but the content is well secured with another lid over it to seal in the product and ensure its freshness.
The packaging feels sturdy but a little too bulky to be traveling with.
This product has fragrance in it, and it smells like what an ordinary face cream at the drugstore would smell like, nothing too overpowering but it's not completely subtle either.

Infused with active ingredients to lift saggy skin and redefine your jawline, this sleeping pack helps to tighten the face and break down fat cells without surgery while stimulating blood flow to tone your facial contours.

From the jar, you could see that the texture of the sleeping mask is more akin to a cream than a jelly texture that I am used to when it comes to sleeping mask.
I would describe it as a whipped texture;
it looks and feels bouncy to the touch but when spread out it still retain its rather firm and thick texture.
When the product is spread out, you could see that it leaves a film on the skin and it feels a little silicone-y in texture.
It forms a nice and smooth occlusive layer onto the skin,
but in my case, I find it a little too suffocating,
as it leaves a tacky residue that doesn't get absorbed over time.
It is just sitting on top of my skin.
But then again, overnight mask or sleeping mask tends to be a little occlusive to lock in the moisture overnight.
Moreover, this product is supposed to form an invisible 3D fascia band that works to lift and improve the elasticity of the skin.
So I'd say, definitely a little goes a REALLY LONG WAY!
Use a pea size and spread it all over your face if you have oily skin like mine so it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin.
Before I was conscious of the amount of usage, this product has given breakout every time I used it.
But since adjusting the amount of usage, it has been fine.

As it is said to be a V-shaped sleeping mask, I was expecting some kinda tingling sensation or at least a tightening feel on my skin, but to my utter consternation, I did not feel any.
However, it provided a refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin,
which makes it perfect for use after a long day out,
when your skin feels tired and needed a refresh and a good rest.

I personally haven't noticed a drastic change in my face shape in particular when I look into the mirror daily, but what I have noticed is that from the side profile,
my face actually looked like my double chin diminished slightly and that my jawline appears more obvious than it normally would.

All in all, this is a great product, especially for those who needs help in improving their skin's overall firmness and bounciness,
but those with oily and acne prone skin should use with caution as it does clog the pores if used every night and applied too thickly.

This item is now available at Watson's with 15% off! 
Grab yours now and show off your V-shape face when you're visiting this CNY! ;)

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