Althea x Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist Review

Who else is obsessed with smelling good like I do? 
I am obsessed with scent ever since wayyyyyy back when I first started using perfume,
dating back to more than 15 years now, what! 
I would always care about how people smell, 
and what I fear most is stepping out of a stinky barbecue restaurant 
and smelling like grease and disgust for the rest of the day. 

For that particular reason, 
I'll always be sure to carry a fabric freshener with me, 
which I could use for my hair, my clothes.
But whilst my clothes needed to smell good, 
it's often the body that gets neglected; 
I don't always buy travel sized perfumes because of their unreasonable price tags.

And while I was frantically searching high and low for a body mist that could freshen up my body while providing a refreshing mist all over me especially in our hot and humid country, 
I was introduced the Althea x Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Althea x Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist (100ml) - RM35 

This item is definitely revolutionary for Althea as it is the FIRST ever celebrity collaboration.
And what's even more exciting is that this K-beauty platform has opened up endless opportunity by collaborating with a talented movie star and singer from the South East Asian countries, Titi Kamal  from Jakarta, Indonesia
In addition to being the first ever celebrity collaboration, 
it's also Althea's first initiative to launch a body care product! 

Althea's launches always excite me as it's quality is never compromised despite its competitive price tags and with the launch of this item, 
I look forward to more incredible body, make up and perhaps even hair care products from the brand! 

If you're a fan of Titi Kamal, you will be thrilled to learn that the scent embodied in this bottle is the combination of Titi Kamal's favourite fruity and floral scents. 
The product was developed very closely with Titi Kamal herself,
and it's a product that represents her passion for beauty trends across South East Asia. 

Notes: Orange, Peach, and Rose.
The fragrance is housed in 100ml size, plastic safe bottle, making it the perfect item to bring with you on the go and it's even cabin safe, 
making it ideal to freshen up yourself after a long haul flight,
allowing you to make the most out of your trip as soon as you disembark;
or prep you for an important meeting after a long day, 
allowing you to seize the day as you go. 

My verdict: 
Though I appreciate luxury looking silver packaging, I am not a big fan of the overall plastic packaging with the rose design, the packaging doesn't necessarily resonate with opulence, 
but that said, I do appreciate how convenient it is to bring it around with me; I did not have to worry about spillage or breaking the bottle. 
With regards to the mist, it was fine and almost undetectable, providing an even coverage when spray on the body. As the product name implied, it does provide a fresh feeling thanks to the fine mist. 
You would feel as if you're splash with a dash of refreshing cooling mist all over the body which does help to slightly bring the body temperature down on top of freshening you up. 
And the best part is, the mist is so fine that it evaporates into nothing in no time and does not leave a sticky residue on the skin. 
Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the scent, it's too sweet and strong for my liking.
I am normally a fan of something subtle and sophisticated, and I am personally more gravitated towards floral scent.
But I'd imagine fruity scent lovers to love this fragrance. 
It is incredible sweet and it's pretty strong. 
I'd imagine this providing you a security blanket that mask over your sweat which had been accumulated throughout the day as just a few spritz and you're well covered with this strong and fruity scent. 
As it is a body mist, please do not expect it to last for hours. 
The fragrance will linger for about an hour or two hours max, 
but it's definitely enough to leave a good impression. 

If you're keen in this product, grab yours now at Althea's official website!
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