COSRX Green Hero calming pad review with Wynora

The introduction of exfoliating pads have definitely revolutionised skincare. 

I used to think that if I have toners and cotton pads at home, 
why exactly do I need to spend extra bucks on these exfoliating/toner pads, 
which essentially serve the same purpose? 

But did you know? 
Using less than required amount of toner on a cotton pad and rubbing the cotton pad on the skin would actually cause irritation and disrupt the skin barrier? 
That's when these exfoliating/toner pads come in handy 
as these pre-soaked pads are easier and more convenient to use. 
Each of these cotton pads were already infused with the perfect amount of acid, and these days, there are many variants in the market which have added soothing/hydrating properties that will benefit your skin.

Well I personally have really sensitive skin which gets redness and breakouts every now and then. 
Naturally, I tried to steer clear of these exfoliating pads and the thought of using harsh chemicals on my skin does freak me out. 
I never had the though of trying out any of these pads until I was introduced to this brand new product and now I am a totaly convert. 
I am beyond excited that there's finally something that's aiming at us sensitive skin people, and that's the COSRX Green Hero Calming Pad!  
70 Pads (135ml) (RM72)

With the combination of  weak acid exfoliation and soothing properties for sensitive skin,
this product is gentle but highly effective at refreshing your skin! 

Made with green tea water 75%, PHA 0.25%, and "Green-Rx complex"
the gentlest acid ever, PHA, coupled with the unique bumps on the cotton pads gently sloughs away dead skin cells of your face, whilst green tea water hydrates and Green-Rx complex soothes the skin. 

Key Ingredients of Green-RX complex:
Dandelion Extract - soothes the skin while repairing the skin barrier
Centella Asiatica Extract - (MY SKINCARE INGREDIENT) improves skin texture and soothing
Witch Hazel Extract - reduces inflammation
Tea Tree Leaf Extract - Antiseptic properties
Mugwort Extract - soothe and heals the skin

How to: 
use it as a toner by patting / wiping gently on skin after cleansing,
before essence/serum and moisturiser.

These pads come in a tightly sealed tub so the freshness is assured until you open them. 
The lid also protects the pads from drying out after opening, 
and the opaque tub prevents degradation of active ingredients even after opening. 
The pads are nicely arranged, makes picking each pieces up really easy. 
Upon picking up a piece of the pad, you could really feel that the entire piece of cotton pad is sufficiently soaked with the toner.
Each pad is bursting with soothing essence and it is packed with intense hydrators. 
I love using it in hot and humid Malaysian weather to help calm down the redness and bring my skin to a state of calm before I apply more skin care on my skin. 
On the other hand, these pads are great for even cold and dry winter weather. 
I brought them with me on my trip to Japan and it was one of the best decision ever made. 
It hydrated my skin really really well, even when I was blasting the heater.
My skin would normally feel a feeling of tightness after the toner steps (because of evaporation), 
but I didn't get those sensation at all with these pads. 
Instead, it made my skin looked really plumped and glowy, 
as if I have piled on hydrating serums on my skin. 
My face also felt really smooth to the touch without the unwanted redness thanks to its gentle exfoliating properties. 
Products were absorbed more readily afterwards. 
I was really impressed! 
It is also really safe for sensitive skin, especially those who are sensitive to fragrance, 
as this is one of the rare product from Korea that is not heavily scented, 
so even the most sensitive skin can use it with a peace of mind. 
I have been using it for a week now and I have been loving how my skin feels and how radiant it looks now. 
If you have tried these pads now and do not see an immediate results, I am convinced that it is the frequency and consistency of use that is really transforming people's skin. 
So keep using it, as it is really gentle on the skin, this is safe for twice a day, everyday usage, keeps persevering and you'll notice a difference. 

Top is before; bottom is after.

Some additional reasons why I am a total toner pads convert now are: 
1. While I tend to be a little stingy with my toners in the past, I no longer feel this way with these pads. This way, I am also using the right amount each time.
2. I love to bring this when I am travelling as I do not have to worry about packing extra cotton pads with me nor do I have to worry about spilling toners in my luggage anymore.
 3. It's so multi-functional, on days when my skin needed extra boost, I use these pads as sheet mask and leave them on my skin for about 5 minutes. 
4. It's really convenient and effective, it exfoliates, soothe and hydrates. 
Just a few swipes and you're good to go, 
your skin is plumped and very well hydrated. 

This product is currently exclusively available at Wynora!
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