The BARN Wine Bar Sunway Pyramid Review

Just when you think that the Sunway Pyramid eateries couldn't get any better, 
the latest place for a drink (or perhaps two) after work,
The BARN has just landed themselves at Sunway Pyramid
with better decor, wider space, lovelier ambiance, 
and equally amazing selection of wines and an extensive food menu! 

Conveniently occupying almost half of the front facing facade of Sunway Pyramid
this place is set to steal the attention of many passer-by's. 
With an eye-catching floor to ceiling window all around the perimeter of the premise, 
this green-house like setting, minus the heat, 
is probably the most stunning restaurant in Sunway Pyramid
or dare I say, the Subang Jaya precinct.

Opening the deceptively small door by the entrance, 
you'll first be greeted by a vast selection of wine, 
neatly arranged on the shelves, 
as if each one of them was showing their best side, all ready for "adoption". 

Walking through the stunning walkway then leads you to the absolutely splendid dining area. 
From lunch to dinner or even socialising gatherings, 
this premise has all sorts of tables to suit your needs. 
I love how this premise is big enough to accommodate large crowds, 
but still spacious enough to have all the tables well separated. 

On Friday nights, you will even be serenaded by their live band, 
whom existence would not only liven up the place, 
but is also sure to take you down memory lanes with some of their best classical hitz. 

We were here during lunch hour, so we didn't have luck with the night scene. 
Nevertheless, the efforts and thoughts put into making absolutely each corner insta-worthy was really impressive. 
If you're here for lunch, you will also get to enjoy free flow of complimentary servings from the salad bar which you could help yourselves to endless bowl of soup and formulate your salad to your heart's desire. 
We were lucky to have been able to savour the complimentary Cauliflower soup when we were there.
Creamy, thick and naturally sweetened with their generosity usage of cauliflowers,
we enjoyed each sip and helped ourselves to more at the end of the each bowl.
We were shameless to have two bowls each, but I mean, can you blame us while the soup tasted this good?

On to the food that we ordered.

For starter, we went for:


It's essentially a small bowl of smoked beef that's packed with flavours.
The beef were smoked to perfection.
Upon placing it in your mouth, enjoy yourself an incredible olfactory and taste sensorial experience as the smokey taste and aroma emanate in your mouth.
Though the taste was pretty subtle as a starter, it was incredibly aromatic nonetheless.
It's also served with thousand island sauce,
but I strongly recommend against it, as it will cover the aroma of the dish.

Slow cooked Iberico ribs served with mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables
Choice of sauce: Citrus BBQ Sauce / Guinness Sauce / Smoked Paprika Dry Rubs

This is quite different from what I am used to when it comes to pork ribs.
To be honest I was never a fan of the sweet sauce that came with the pork ribs,
To me, the caramelised sauce coupled with greasy pork ribs meant catastrophe,
not only is it cloying to eat,
it would also caused me discomfort and left me feeling nauseous for the rest of the day.
I am glad that at The BARN, they experimented with different flavours,
We opted for the Smoked Paprika Dry Rubs and it did not disappoint at all.
The lighter flavour is really refreshing,
I love that the paprika complements the ribs instead of overshadowing it.
It enhances the natural sweetness of the pork ribs,
while adding an additional element of spice into it.
The ribs were tender and juicy, the tell tale signs of well cooked ribs.
The mash potato was also absolutely mushy and creamy,
it's as though it's a savoury ice cream, enjoyed every bit.

Seafood spaghettini with prawns, mussles, clams, squids & fish slices in Sarawak Paste.

This is definitely for those who love a bit of excitement in their meals.
The spice from the paste was was not only aromatic, but is also sure to tantalise your taste buds.
This is also ideal for those who are bored of the usual Western pasta flavours,
and is looking for adventurous flavours for their palate.
The harmonious marriage of the Western noodles with the Asian sauce would have been a disaster if the spaghettini fell in the hands of an amateur;  I adore how the spaghettini was cooked to perfection,
al dante and springy,
it soaks up adequate amount of the Sarawak paste as you swivel the fork,
without causing a mess and risk staining your white shirt.
The seafood which came along in the dish were all fresh and well prepared.
No unpleasant fishy smell was detected, and it was a refreshing change to have fish in my pasta dish.

To end our lovely lunch,
we went for the Chocolate Lava Cake.
If you're to order this dish, please expect at least a 20 minutes wait time as they make the entire dish from scratch.
The lava didn't quite ooze out when we cut the cake,
so it wasn't exactly the most insta-worthy dessert out there.
But taste wise, it's definitely worth giving credit for.
The chocolate cake tasted more akin to brownies than a chocolate cake.
I adore the somewhat toasted outer layer, which gives an additional texture to the otherwise really soft and mushy center.
The ice-cream on the other hand is pretty ordinary.

All in all, we had an enjoyable meal,
and for the ambiance and the food quality,
I genuinely think that the food here is reasonably priced.
I would happily pay this amount any day, for their good food and ambiance.

The Barn Wine Bar Sunway Pyramid
Address: OB.K2, OB.K3 & OB.K3C, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Sunway City, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor (Just next to the entrance beside Coach)
Phone:  03-5612 9066
Hours: 11am - 12am

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