90's Hairstyle - Switching up hair colour without damaging hair

It wouldn't be fair to not start this blog post with an apology for my long hiatus. 
It's so much harder than I'd imagined juggling between a full-time job and creating high-quality content at the same time. 

Anyway, this year I have done so much to my hair,
and I insist to record a few of them through videos and some of them through thorough explanation aka review blog posts! 

As much as I love my hair to stay within the ash grey tones, 
it's not always possible due to the natural pigment of my hair,
which tends to stay more on the reddish side. 
It means, after a month's washes and heat styling, 
the ash grey tones would fade, 
and I would have to be diligent at touching up the hair colour, 
in order for it to stay vibrant and lively at all times. 

And one question I get asked the most was:
don't these frequent hair dyeing damage your hair? 

And my answer has always been the same since 2 years ago, 
if your hair is handled by the professional, 
the last thing they would wish upon you is constant breakage of your hair and unsightly frizzy ends.

Which is why, when it comes to my hair, 
my suggestion would always be: 
  1. When you found your favourite hair salon, STICK TO THEM! BE LOYAL, as they will know your hair and scalp condition the best! 
  2. Don't choose price tag over quality! The quality of hair dye and dyeing technique MATTERS A LOT! 
  3. Go to a hair salon who publicly advertises the products they use, this way you know you are getting HIGH QUALITY product for the price you're paying

As per any of my visit to 90's Hairstyle
each session commenced with a thorough review of the current state of my hair, 
and scalp condition, 
before the team decided on the next step. 

At times where my hair appeared too frail to undergo any chemical treatments, 
the team from 90's hairstyle would strongly recommend against it, 
and advice me to just treat my hair and scalp. 

So, I guess my consistent home-care did help
because my hair was able to get a color-revival this day! 

If you haven't already known, 
it's equally important to care for your scalp as it is for your hair. 
Think of your scalp as the bed of nutrients for your hair,
when the scalp is depleted of nutrients, 
your hair will be malnourished, and hence the dried and frizzy ends. 

I am particularly grateful to 90's Hairstyle for going the extra mile, 
by always taking care of the scalp before starting any sort of chemical treatments. 

This Soothing scalp spray performs an effective, instant, prolonged action in reducing sensitive scalp irritation, before the color service.

And for people with sensitive skin like myself, 
this protection cream is excellent as it acts as an anti-stain barrier cream.
It creates a protective film on the face and neck.
It protects even the most sensitive skin and prevents the color from staining it.

And lastly, the pre-colour equalizer was sprayed all over my hair to balance and strengthen hair’s structure before coloring, ensuring a well-blended color.

Having this extra care-step before starting my hair colouring had definitely provided me with a peace of mind. 
I know that although colouring my hair may again compromise on the health of my hair, 
but rest assured that the team is doing their very best to keep the damage at its minimum. 

Once the hair was well-prepared to take on the challenges, 
we started the hair colouring process. 

To further strengthen my hair, 
the team from 90's hairstyle would always recommend for me to add on Olaplex treatments in my hair dye, which I could never say no! 
Olaplex does incredible things to hair! 
If you haven't yet experienced the wonder of Olaplex, I urge you to try out! 
Your hair will be the softest it has ever been, despite just undergone chemical treatments! 

One thing that I absolutely adored about 90's hairstyle is how they always colour in really small sections, making sure that each strand of my hair was evenly coated with colour. 
They would also pay more emphasis on the roots of my hair, 
which haven't been bleached before, and hence darker and harder to be coloured, 
while ensuring that there is a smooth faded effect / transition between my bleached and unbleached hair. 
This is crucial as a bad application technique would definitely leave your hair looking more untidy than it already was. 

And just in case you're wondering,
the entire colouring process was swift but efficient,
and they were very skillful, with very minimal tugging,
and little to no splashes!
And I am very pleased!

After the colour is fully deposited into my hair shaft, 
we proceeded with a good rinse, 
and subsequently followed by hair treatment. 
This time round, my hair was treated with Olaplex to strengthen the ends of my hair as I'd been experiencing more breakage in the past weeks. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Olaplex, it has now become a go-to for many colorists all over the world, though more commonly practiced in the west, to protect clients' hair from the inevitably damaging colouring process.
Many smaller-scale hair salons in Malaysia wouldn't carry this product for its high price point and I myself had been searching Hi-and-Lo for salons which offer this additional but crucial step. 
And when I found it at 90's Hairstyle 2 years back,
I haven't looked other way since.
The team from 90's Hairstyle loves colour trends, but they know how important it is to maintain healthy hair in order for the colour to shine.

 I was doing was a 2 steps treatment in this visit, 
so for the first one, they would first allow the hair to fully absorb the product for about 10-15 minutes. 
Then they would go on with another step which seals all the hard work and lock them down into the hair, 
and finally uses infra-red to enhance the absorption. 

After a good rinse, my hair was blown dry. 
And already, my hair was looking incredible! 

My stylist then gave my hair a good curl 
and voila!!!! 

Many people have asked me, 
was I crazy to have put my hair through all these crazy damage almost monthly, 
and I'd always offer them to touch and feel my hair. 

Believe it or not, 
you too can switch up your hair colour without damaging your hair, 
if you're in good hands! 

If you're yet to experience the high-quality service 90's Hairstyle is offering, 
I urge you to book yourself an appointment and enjoy their service! 

90's Hairstyle @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Address: No 8, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-9054 6881
Instagram: @90s_hairstyle_

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