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Recently, I am gravitating towards Thai cuisine a lot, and I made it a point to eat at least once in a week. Well, the fact is, I don't love it as much as my mum does. I have been searching for great Thai cuisine because I really wanted to bring my mum to savour in her favourite cuisine.

Working/ Studying in PJ all weekdays, have given me a chance to explore the city more. I have a bunch of friends who live in PJ and I have heard them raving about the Thai food around their neighbourhood. So, I did my own research and stumbled upon this little place.

I was instantly drawn to this place when I saw the beautiful interior designing. I have never imagined Thai cuisine can look so modern and hipster. It is a reminiscent of hipster coffee house or bakery, with red bricks all over them, large and rectangular wooden table and cemented seat and a mixture of some steel stools.

I was really impressed with how clean and neat the place is. And another plus point is that this place is fully air-conditioned. It is definitely a big yay for a sweltering hot weather like this, especially in this drought season of Malaysia. This place is managed by a group of Thais. I mean, of course, you gotta eat Thai cuisine from the Thais right?

Chillies, chilli flakes, soy sauce and sugar for you to customize to your own relish. 

I'm Spicy, special blend. (RM9.00++)
It's a mixture of pandan, leomgrass, lime and mint leaves.
This is really refreshing and cooling, perfect for a hot weather. 
The taste of lemongrass was really strong, but I thought it was perfect for me, 
as I was suffering from flu that day. 

Mango salad! (RM8.00++)
My mum just absolutely adore this dish. 
It's a combination of spicy and sour, lol, obviously. 
And the salad dressing was really good too. 
With peanuts blended and mixed in. 
Great one! 

 Tom Yam Soup with glass noodle. 
It was very spicy because all I could remember about this dish was 
I had to use quite a few of paper towels to keep my snot at bay. LOLOL. 
Wow there, TMI. Hahahahhaha. 
And.... *ding ding* this is especially tasty because they used pork! 
Everything tasted extra better with pork. LOL. 

 Stewed pork with flat noodle. 
My sister relished the gust of it. 
It was nicely done. The flavouring was just at the perfect amount. 
And the beancurd that has absorbed all the goodness,
when it burst in your mouth. 
It was as if a volcanic eruption of rainbow in your mouth. LOL. 

Spicy and Sour soup, pork noodle. 
My mum loves it. 
Spicy and sour, all my mum's favourite flavour in one bowl, 
what else can she ask for? 

Thai style chendol. 
It is quite different from what we have in Malaysia. 
They have slices of jackfruit and honeydew in it. 
And they use milk instead of coconut milk, I am guessing? 
Nonetheless, it tasted refreshing and great. 

I think we may have visited the place in the wrong session, because we were hoping for tom yam soup and green curry etcetera, the typical Thai dishes. We were handed with only a menu of Thai street food. So, I am guessing, they serve different types of food for lunch and dinner session? I am thinking to revisit them again to try their tomyam soup and other proper thai food. 

I’m Spicy Thai Restaurant
1, Ground Floor, Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.11875, 101.62982
Tel: 03-7954 2281
Hours: 11.00am- 11.00pm except Tuesday 

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