Affordable Thai Food in KL - Tiffin by Chef Korn Mid Valley

We found this place by surprise, 
and we have been coming back ever since.
Wanna know what got us hooked? 
Read on to find out more.
This humble little Thai street food restaurant is nestled in the most ambiguous place in MV,
you will need to take the escalator right beside Daiso to be able to access to this place. 
But I assure you, it's definitely worth the extra effort. 

What first caught our eye was the cute tiffins feature wall just right by the entrance. 
If you are there for dessert or chats over drinks, 
this place would be ideal, 
and it's also absolutely insta-worthy. 

And secondly, it's undoubtedly the friendly price tag that won us over. 
I'd highly recommend checking out their set meals which come with appetisers and desserts served in the cutest tiffin to complement your meals. 

Some of the food that we recommend include: 

 Beef ball noodles (RM25.80)
Tender shin meat, poached beef, beef balls and delectable broth with a choice of Thai Rice Noodles or Egg Noodles. 
If you have been to Thailand, I am sure you would have tried this dish which is commonly sold at food stalls in the simplest setup. 
This is however, the jazzed up version as it comes in a bigger bowl, 
and the condiments came in the cutest test tube for you to mix and match and customise to your own preference. 
We would always top up on the fish sauce and chilli flakes to intensify the flavours, albeit already flavourful and delicious on its own. 
Our noodle of choice was Thai Rice Noodles, which aren't too dissimilar to Kuey Teow, but thinner in width and have a springier texture. 
It holds enough broth and makes every mouthful an enjoyable experience.
If you're not a beef eater, they do have pork version too! 

Red curry [Pork (RM19.80)/ Seafood (RM23.80)]
If you adore hot and spicy food, this dish is not to be missed. 
There's just something so unique about Thai's red coconut, which sits on the sweeter side in comparison to Malaysian curry, but delicious in their very own distinct way. 
This curry is ideal to be eaten with rice,
its thick and savoury broth would make you engulf the rice in no time. 
We opted for pork, and they were pretty fresh and came in decent amount. 
Basically their curry is on par with most of the Thai food chains out there,
but are more reasonably priced. 
So the next time you're craving for Thai curry but not ready to burn a hole in your wallet, 
this place is definitely your go to. 

Mango Sticky Rice
One shouldn't leave a Thai restaurant without a Thai dessert, 
and our favourite Thai dessert is none other than the Mango Sticky Rice, 
which to be honest, you can't go wrong. 
Ripped mango topped with sweetened coconut milk and some crispy bits to add to its texture, alongside the warm and chewy sticky rice,
we could eat this all day if we could. 
We found that the portion was decent, and perfect for after a meal. 

Some other dishes we have tried but failed to capture a photo of and would highly recommend include: 
1. Grilled pork satay 6 sticks (RM18.80)
2. Pandan Chicken 6 pieces (RM17.80)
3. Green curry [choices of pork (RM19.80) or seafood (RM23.80)]
4. Pineapple fried rice [choices of pork (RM19.80) or seafood (RM23.80)]
5. Thick Tomyam [choices of pork (RM19.80 or seafood (RM23.80)]

All in all, we have visited this branch several times and we could see ourselves popping down there whenever we are craving for Thai food. 
This place though sit on the lower end on the price tag spectrum, 
but I assure you, 
it's as good as all the expensive Thai restaurants out there, 
if not better, 
due to the freshness of their ingredients. 
We highly recommend checking them out!

Tiffin by Chef Korn Mid Valley
Address: T.068 - T.069, Third Floor, The Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur 59200 (the opposite end of the GSC cinema) 
Phone: 03 22017368

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  1. I love your post specially that mango sticky rice, Hope hotel serving that kind of food too. Wanna try that.


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