Menya Musashi and Nana's Green Tea at One Utama Mall

I was not a big fan of One Utama mall and had never been here for more than 10 times my entire life. So it was pretty interesting to explore this old but new to me, mall with D on a casual Sunday.

It was close to dinner time and the huge mall was confusing us. I suggested that we should eat some ramen and D being quite familiar with the mall, brought me to Menya Musashi which is located inside Isetan. 

I didn't know they serve food in Isetan so it was eye-opening for me. And when I thought it should be a pantry-like restaurant that looks run-down and not hygienic. 
I was dumbfounded when I stepped foot into this place. It has a nice and cozy Japanese design, not the ancient type but rather fused with some modern design. It is actually a popular place amongst the non-Muslims. We were lucky to get ourselves two seats although it was pretty full when we visited.

 Ramen is a highly fattening food as the soup is actually cooked with loads of lard. 
So we ordered one for sharing! 

We opted for char siew ramen with kuro soup and we added an egg because I am a sucker for eggs. 
The soupppp was, of course greatttttt with the amount of oil floating on top. 
The handmade noodles were springy!
And the thick and fatty char siew went perfectly well with the soup and noodles. 
And don't even get me started on the eggs..... 

After finished with the meal, we thought we should go all Japanese and went for some Japanese desserts. 

I had been dying to try out Nana's green tea because, 
I am a green tea lover due to their many benefits. 
Not forgetting their delicious taste. 

 Ordered Green Tea Soft Serve
which was the highlight of them all! 
It was so soft and milky and creamy!
The green tea flavour mixed well with the milky taste, 
it was heavenly. 
Andddddd.... I love ice cream cone! So this was definitely my favourite! 

 Ordered this dessert, Matcha Anmitsu
it came with red bean paste, green tea ice cream, some red beans, 
some glutinous rice balls and agar! 
This agar is made from Seaweed and is claimed to have zero calorie! 

Pouring the sugar syrup into the bowl of awesomeness. 

 On nom nom. 
Love the chewyness of the glutinous rice balls and the green tea ice cream, 
but I didn't quite like the seaweed agar because I thought they were relatively bland. 
The sugar syrup on the other hand was way too sweet and overpowering I almost couldn't taste the green tea ice cream.

It was such a joyous experience dining here though. They have a lot more Green tea related desserts that we are dying to try out. But one thing for sure, I am coming back for the green tea soft serve!

Ramen was reasonably priced and the taste was great! 
Nana's green tea was slightly expensive compared to other desserts but oh well, 
green tea desserts are always overpriced anyway.

2nd Floor, Isetan Eat Paradise, Isetan Bandar Utama City Centre
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operation hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00

And yeah that's me the happy kid. 

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