2016 New Year Resolution

I haven't even checked my 2015 resolution and see how many percent I have accomplished and I can't believe here I am tapping away on the keyboard writing about my 2016 new year resolution already.

Time flew by! I had so much fun in the past year so I really look forward to another amazing year ahead. But before we start, I thought it's best I set a few resolutions as guidance!

1. I want to stay in happy and lovey dovey mode as long as we could in my relationship with D. I want to eliminate and avoid sticky situation and fighting as much as I could.

2. I want to be more open to D and tells him everything off my mind and not hiding anything that bothers.

3. I want to workout twice a week! Twice a week, that's not very much to ask for. I believe I could definitely spare an hour a day for twice a week for some workout and it goes with my previous year resolution to stay as lean as possible.

4. I want to be more organized at work and squeeze in as many experiment as possible in a day so that I could finish my studies on time! I too want to read at least a paper a day for every working day so that I am up to date to the latest development on both breast and prostate cancer and get better vision of what I am doing and I could do with each passing days.

5. I want to read a book every month. So, 12 books in a year. I want to read more and learn more vocabularies, which I believe would help in my academic writing as well as helping when I am conversing with others.

6. I want to be more understanding towards others. I want to be able to see where they are coming from to have made them react in a certain way and have kindness when dealing with people like these.

7. Attitude wise, I want to again, be as patient as possible while talking to people, try to lower my expectation or better yet, have no expectation when talking to people, and assume I am always talking to an infant who requires a lot of explanation before they understand what I am trying to convey.

8. I want to stick to my current skin care regime as long as possible. Avoid getting tempted to buy too many face make up and piling on too much make up on my skin.

9. Apply lotion with UV protection during day time before stepping out of my house every single day.

That's everything I could think of for now and I think I would be a better person already if I could achieve all these in 2016. One more thing, remember that I am in 2016 and I am already a 25 year old lady now. It's time to act like a grown up. Nooooooooooo!

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