Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

D's relative is celebrating her 60th Birthday this year, and the birthday celebration was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 

I have never been to the hotel mentioned, so I was pretty excited when D extended the invitation to me weeks earlier. This was also the first time D is introducing me to his extended family, 
so I was both nervous and excited. 

All the kiddos in the car. Heh. 

I love it when D wears a suit!! 
And I think this ensemble of him looks absolutely matching with mine. 

We were arrived slightly earlier than expected, so before started the socialising, 
we went around the hotel to snap a few photos. 
The place looks absolutely stunning! 

It was also Christmas season then, 
so look at the lovely fairy lights and the decor! 
I adore them! 

The beautiful lounge area, 
which I believe serves afternoon tea! 
I took a look at the desserts displayed, 
and they got me drooling. 
I can't wait to come back for their afternoon tea! 

D and his two little sisters, 
who have both become my close friends. HAHAHA! 

Can't help ourselves from taking some fairy-tale-alike photo! 

Felt really happy that D decided to bring me along to this family gathering. 

This was us chilling by the chairs outside of our private dining room
after entertaining some of the aunts. LOL. 

I thought the menu looked pretty elegant! 

The dinner started with the birthday cake.

It was her 60th birthday celebration!!

9 course meals look pretty impressive. 

But they decided to serve us in an individual portion. So I didn't bother to snap every dish. 
They look less appealing when they divided the food. 

By the time this dish was served, we were all melting in heat already.
The air-conditioning was really bad. 
D even had to remove his blazer to prevent getting soaked in sweat. 

And they have the abalone! 
Although the presentation looked slightly okay, 
the taste was really bland. 
I think they ran out of salt in the kitchen, hehe. 

Overall the food tasted really bland and cold, and wasn't up to our expectation. 
When I saw the dessert, 
It looked so french. Hehe. 

It tastes as good as it looks!!
Love the lemon cheese! 

We had a great time there, but the experience would have been better if it was colder. 
On a second thought, maybe that's why the food is served cold,
otherwise we would all die in heat. HAHAHHAHAHA. 
Crap aside, 
love the settings and love the ambiance, 
but they need to work on their Chinese cuisine. 

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