Paradise Dynasty at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

I guess it is already no secret that I love my Chinese food, and I do crave for Chinese cuisine once in a while. 

I am definitely a huge fan of siew long pao! I love the idea of putting a tiny bit of soup in the bun, which has most definitely enhanced the flavour of the meat in it. 

Saw this infamous 8 exotic flavours of siew long pao since ages, but never gotten the chance to try any with my family, because let's face it, everyone wants a bite of everything, and siew long pao isn't the kind of food that is apt for sharing. 

D had been talking about bringing me to try these, so while we were strolling in the mall one fine Sunday, we decided to pay this place a visit, and get our taste buds dancing! 

My amazing boyf! 

If you can't tell by now, I am slightly obsessed with the interior design. 
It exudes a pretty zen vibes, 
I think it's owing to the huge buddha status sitting behind the room. 
I had been here once but we were brought into the private dining area behind, 
so it excited me to be able to sit by the stream and enjoy our meal this time. 

 This place is always full house! 
We were lucky to get a nice place in the peak hour! 

 Here you go the legendary siew long paos that come in 8 diff variant! 

 My bias were the foie gras, black truffle and garlic! 
D absolutely adores the garlic and ginseng flavours! 
And the rest were equally good! 

 Fried pao which is also my favourite! 
Love the meat flavouring in the paos and how the dough compliment the meat in it. 

Was craving for some dai chao style noodles, 
which oh god is my all time fav, 
I love fried noodles. hehe. 
D picked these friend rice cake which was lovely!!! 
I love eating noodles but sometimes despise the tangling noodles, 
which made eating them such a chore. 
These were handy to eat and I didn't have to worry about those black sauce splashing on our tops! 

Overall, it was a great dining experience at this restaurant. Though the price is a tad bit overpriced,
but the ingredients they used for the siew long paos were some of the finest delicacies! 
And the environment upkeep was worth the penny we were paying too! 
This restaurant is highly recommended!

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