24th Birthday Celebration at Ratatouille, Publika

The time has come to finally celebrate J's birthday for the first time! I suggested that we celebrate J's birthday on the weekend earlier because of her hectic schedule as a PhD researcher. J gave me full authority to plan the entire event.

We had a simple outing in the afternoon. Then we both head back to get prepare for the grand celebration. I had been planning these weeks ahead. The excitement was so unreal, cause J totally has NO IDEA she's getting her favorite gift of all time. 
On my way picking up J's birthday gift.
It was raining pretty bad as you can see. 
(It's dangerous to snap picture and drive, please excuse such bad behavior of me)

Taa Dah!!! It's a bouquet of flowers that J always wished for, Peonies Rose mixed with Hydrangea.
Originally, it was supposed to be a mixture of Peony and Tulip.
Sadly, both of these flowers are not in season.
The best I could get at that time was only Peonies, however they ain't cheap!

The Florist did a great job mixing Hydrangea with the Peonies to complement its gracefulness.
As the saying goes, the flower of choice reflects the lady.
The Chinese name for Peony carry the meaning "Beautiful" which represents J in each and every way possible.

J's 2nd birthday gift, 1000Pcs Glow in the Dark Sagittarius Puzzle.
I picked this gift way back when J and I were still friends.
J loves her own horoscope a lot! She's fanatic about it.

Initially, it was a risky bet for me, but you can say, I nailed the right choice for J.

The 3rd gift is a shirt she always love seeing me wear; button down shirts from Zara.
J picked this color for me to match her dark blue dress she has.

(Yes, I am the gift and also the best one.)

Hiding the bouquet behind my suit and puzzle to surprise J.
She never expect a flower from me, like ever.

When we arrived at our destination, I went back and pulled the bouquet out and J was overfilled with joy.
Initial plan was to dine at Natalie by Gourmet, due to the presence of the world 2nd most powerful person, Mr. Barack Obama in Malaysia, Natalie by Gourmet was selected to be their caterer on J’s birthday celebration.
So off we go to another restaurant I visited before that serves nice French cuisine.

Because of our well-dressed attire, we were given the VIP room in the restaurant.

Their complementary bread with olive paste.

I was slightly worried that the food served by them wasn’t on par with Natalie’s. But J nodded happily and said this was delicious.
Rosehip Tea for J & Wildberries Tea

J is happily hugging the flower and not bother about dinner anymore.

This is my first time gobbling on Escargot. J ordered only half dozen of them, troubled that it wouldn’t suit my taste. Escargot tasted very nice, not as disgusting as how I portray them to be. There’s a layer of garlic and herbs covering the Escargot, somehow activated my appetite for the next dish.

Fiber intake is important, so we also ordered Caesar Salad.

Portion was sort of huge. Cheese and dressing was requested to put aside. Salad is standard where ever you go. Caesar Salad dressing is another thing. You will need quite a hand full of ingredient to prepare it plus it’s no easy task.

This is their English Famous Fare, Roast Herb Coated Lamb Rack. Despite being pricey, it’s worth every cent spent. Lamb has been J’s priority list of meat-to-eat. The bonus comes in when broccolis and potatoes are being served altogether. Everything just blends so well together. This dish is a must try.

We enjoyed our night here in Ratatouille La Gourmet. Staffs are friendly and ambience is great as you can see. Even the food’s presentation is nicely made. J was all smiles for the entire weekend, all thanks to Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Ratatouille La Gourmet
Unit A4-G1-08
Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, 50480
Tel: 011-2020 2800

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