Annual dinner at Souled Out, Bangsar South

After joining UM for two years now, 
it was the very first time I was invited to join an annual dinner. 
As it is I wasn't already excited enough, 
I was told that we could bring a partner along! 
I informed D immediately and he was even more excited than I was! 

The venue for the UM urology team annual dinner was at Souled Out, Nexus Bangsar South. 
And the theme was Blue or pink! 
D and I went with the theme and picked Blue! 

 That was me looking all happy with D! 

 And here's my colleague- S. 
 Another colleague. 

It was held about two weeks prior to Christmas, 
so the place was nicely decorated with Christmas stuffs. 
Although I am not a Christian, 
but Christmas is one of my ultimate fav festive, ranking second after CNY! 

 Salmon pasta! 

 Salmon Pasta! 
While it tasted pretty okay, 
we thought the portion was too small for even one person. 

 D and I picked a salad for sharing! 
But this wasn't really my kinda salad, 
because it was a mixture of fruits and veges! 
I thought it's pretty weird to eat all of them together, 
because the dressing was salty but the fruits were sweet. 
Gahhhhh! It just wasn't for me. 
But D finished them though. 

 Mushroom soup that looked decent. 

 Duck pasta! 
Which came in a long breadstick. 
The paste was good! 
I could be bias as I love duck meat! 
But the way they cook with chilli was really good. 
I loved it. 
D loved it too! 

 And here are all of us from the urology team from the department of surgery! 

which again came in a pretty small portion for its price. 
And it tasted really average. 

Well, my thought was that this place is meant for drinking, 
which explains why the food only met our expectation and nothing jaw dropping.
It is a place with great mojitos and some live singing going on at the back, 
which make it less ideal for an annual dinner sort of gathering, 
as we could hardly hear one another. 

 We then played a round of game, 
which meant to build rapport amongst the team members. 
but it didn't work out quite well. lol. 

 D and I got tired and we sat down,
and I went back to sipping on my tea! Hehe. 

We also went a bit crazy with photo taking! 
Because Bangsar Nexus has tons of amazing corners which look absolutely picturesque. 

Super thankful for D who patiently took all the photos, 
while he was sweating insanely underneath his blazer, 
and yet not any single complaint from him. 

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