Birthday lunch at The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Amongst the Oriental Group of restaurants, I think The Ming Room has got to be the most popular one. It's such a shame that it took us so long to finally try out this place.

The Ming Room, like the Oriental Pavilion, serves dim sum during lunch hour, so expect to see droves and flocks of people in the room. As usual, be sure to make your reservation beforehand because I saw many people queuing outside for tables. Thank god I called them a few days ahead and managed to secure ourselves a table of 5.

What's different this time is that instead of me ordering the food ahead of time, we decided to order our food there. We went for the set meal for 4, but upgraded it to 5 pax. We have also ordered some dim sum which was displayed in the cart pushing around to tempt us.

 Egg tarts!
They were so mini you can actually put two in your mouth! 
But I love the crustttttt!!
Very buttery and crispy! 

 Char Siew pastry which tasted really delicious! 
Just like the egg tart,
the crust was fragrant and cruspy,
the char siew was really tasty too! 

 Fried Shrimp dumpling,
which tasted so so. 

So overall the dim sum were really pricey although they have a myriad of selections for you to choose from. Tiny plates like this with limited mini dim sum, 
cost >RM9 individually.

And we finally got our main served.

 Charcoal grilled pork meat with garden green salad. 
I kept eating the veggies that were drenched in the very delicious salad dressing. 
It was sour with a hint of sweetness. 
When you eat it with a piece of grilled pork meat, 
the whole taste just elevated to a whole new level. 
It is a fusion dish we believe
because we have never seen a salad on any Chinese menu. 

 And they gave us this shark bone soup,
which was a mistake. 

 That was me busy looking for sharkfins to no avail.
I kept asking daddy where is the sharkfin, 
and I kept saying they are cheating us! 
And it was so strange that they only served three bowls 
so we kept waiting for the other two to be served. 
And when the manager passed by, 
she noticed the mistake and went into the kitchen for exchange.
I was busy snapping photo so I didn't really taste it,
but my sister had finished all the scallops in it. 

 Braised Coral Shark's fin with herbs
Here is the proper one! 

 I love this one!!! 
I love the souppppppp!!! 
It was thickkkk and the herb taste mixed well with the soup without overpowering it,
so you don't get the bitter taste,
but just the fragrance of it! 

 Steamed Deep-Sea Garoupa with Fresh Beancurd and Black Fungus
I freaking love this fish because of the fish texture! 
And the beancurd with the soy sauce, i love it. 
I really like how restaurant steams fishes, 
my mum said they had added a lot of MSG to make it taste this good, 
but I love it okay! 
And they were so kind to cut the fish nicely for us, 
making serving them an easy task. 

 Braised whole abalone with Japanese mushroom and chicken wing stuffed with dried scallop and lingzhi mushroom. 

It is my favourite of all dishes! 
They would serve the abalone sauce for us to taste and they will adjust the saltiness to our liking. 
Normally we were okay with their taste so we just went with it. 
All the great food combined in a plate,
need I say more? 
I love it! 

 Steamed rice with waxed meat and yam in 'Shun-De' style
We were all super stuffed when this dish was served,
so we requested for takeaway! 
And when I tried it at home!
It was reallyyyyy gooodddd although it looks like a simple dish! 

Last we had desserts,
Lemongrass jelly! 
It was superrrrrrrr sourrrr!!
Good for digestion after such a filling meal.

This place is rather small compared to other oriental group of restaurants.
But they serve one of the best foodddddd! 
The total bill came up to 600-ish which was of course, pricey,
but the meal was satisfying and really filling!

3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL 
Tel: 03- 2284 8822
GPS: 3.142827,101.66716
Phone:+60 3-2284 8822

 I have always wanted this pen and my sisters kindly gifted it to me on my birthday! 

And yeahhhhh.. They spelled my name wrongly. -.-
Birthday cake, Tiramisu from Alexis was the bomb! 
I love it!!!!!

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