Ms. Red Ruby and Mr. Sticky Rice @ Atria Shopping Mall, PJ

I have seen the adv of Atria Mall for a myriad of times but the thought of paying it a visit never crossed my mind, until that day where we have finished our dinner in PJ and we didn't know where to go next. 

I heard that they revamped this mall, rather than it being a new mall. 

I kinda like this mall, because of the scanty people here- I don't like crowds. 
And they have a wide variety of restaurants for us to choose from. 

We strolled around and had fun exploring places. 

We were exhilarated when we found out that they have a nicely decorated Thai dessert place, 
which is actually a small section of The Absolute Thai. 

I love their thai desserts, 
we tried out the coconut starchy pieces, 
some agar desserts
and coconut ice cream! 
The ice cream was heavenly! 
The coconut fragrance burst as the ice cream melts on the tongue. 
It wasn't too sweet but it was definitely thick and creamy. 
The starchy desserts were really good too! 
Thick coconut sauce covering the starch which is stuffed with coconut fillings- 
perfect for coconut lovers. 
The agar desserts, were a Pandan agar. 
It tastes pretty bland for me, 
but my family members love it, 
they love how fragrant it tastes as it smells. 
The price were a little higher than the usual, 
but oh well, 
all the thai food in Malaysia is overpriced anyway. 

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