Fa-Ying by Rama V Thai Restaurant @ Paradigm Mall

Fa-Ying, defined as Princess in Thai, is a modern Thai Restaurant and Bar, which is also a sister brand of Rama V who has securely claimed its first place in the Thai Fine Dining industry in Malaysia. 

Well if you think this is an ordinary Thai Restaurant, come and see this place for yourself for you will find yourself in awe. 

This restaurant is located at the boulevard area of Paradigm Mall, an area which I always refrained myself from walking towards, because of the scorching sun. I thought it wasn't a loss since I've never liked alfresco dining anyway. But it was such a shame that I have been missing out on such an amazing restaurant all these while. 

 Although the alfresco dining area has fancier decorations, 
with a proper bar that serves great cocktails, 
we opted for indoor dining area because I can't imagine eating hot and spicy food in non-air-conditioned settings. 

I have visited this place once, 
and I thought their lunch sets were some pretty good deals, 
so we came back the second time for a bigger lunch sets. 
It costs RM69.90 for two pax (tax and service charge inclusive OMG), 
and 129.90 for 4 pax (approx). 
Crazy awesome deal! 

It comes with all the below, 
with an omelette that I have forgotten to snap a picture of. 

 Salty with a hint of sweetness. 
Minced meat was nicely prepared with tofu. 
Simple dish but the taste was up to expectation. 

 Not an easy dish to fail, 
and they cooked it well. 
Only thing though, 
I wish the portion could be bigger. 

 Some special fish cakes which I didn't try,
because they are fried. 
But my family members loved it. 

 Sour and spicy fish fillet. 
I'd like to think that this is the clear type of tom yam, 
because it sure does taste like that,
with the spiciness and the sourness. 
Anddddd it was so goooddddd!!!
I love sour and spicy food. 

 The set lunch also comes with free flow of drink, 
Thai Fragrant rice, 
If you haven't already know, 
I am a huge fan of thai desserts. 
Coconut Milk, is bae. 
And the dessert was very nicely done! 

Of course, we can't leave a Thai Restaurant without mango sticky rice! 
The coconut milk is thick and creamy, 
mango was sweeeeettttt, 
and it's cute they added a hint of red on top. 

If you love your Thai food, but you prefer Western food, fret not, they serve amazing fusion dishes! 
They do serve burgers and pastas, salad and satays etc. 
And they have awesome beer deals on the weekdays. 

I personally really like their fooooddddd and service was pretty good too! 

Fa Ying Thai Restaurant
The Boulevard, Paradigm Mall
Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.108806, 101.59564
Tel: 03-7451 2933

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