Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33

If you have read my blog herehere and here, you would have known my growing obsession with upmarket chinese food, and my burning passion to try out all the restaurants under the Oriental Group of restaurants. 

In order to tick another one off the list, I made a reservation earlier in October to try out the food they offer. As usual, my sister and I paid a visit to this place in the weekdays, we pre-ordered the food and reserved a table of 5. 

To my utter consternation, even having our table reserved, the staff put us on hold for about 15 minutes due to their overwhelming patrons. I was expecting them to have our table ready just like any other restaurant under the oriental group. 

But what we did not know earlier was that this restaurant serves Dim Sum, and that explains the huge crowd and it justify why the vacant tables were scarce, well, nil actually. 

You could probably tell from the pictures that, the crowd was insane! 
Most of the people came here well clad. 
This restaurant has a rather noisy ambiance, 
due to the huge flock of people, 
chit chatting sound keep buzzing in our ear and it was slightly difficult to get the attention of the waiters.  

 We ordered a lunch menu which costs RM68.00++ for 5 pax. 
But we had another extra pax on that day, 
and they kinda messed up with our order. 

 Deep fried soft shell crab in Money Bag
The soft shell crab was soooo yummy!
I am not normally a fan of fried food but this was so good. 
The portion though is depressing, 
only one piece per person. HAHAHA!
I like the mantou concept, 
and I like the terriyaki alike sauce. 
Thumbs up! 

 Braised Shark Fin's soup with crab meat and crab roe
This soup is thickkkkk! 
It tastes pretty much the same as any other shark fin's soup served in other restaurants under the Oriental Group. 

 Deep Fried Honey Spare Rib
Ohhhhhh well, I only realised that they have a lot of deep fried food as I am reviewing. LOL.
This tasteeeeeeeeeeeee soooooo yummyyyyy!!! 
I love ribs! 
The sauce coating the ribs was sweettttt and yummy! 
It's crusty on the outside and tender in the inside. 

 Braised Spinach with Crab Meat and Egg
I am obsessed with eggs, 
so I like this dish to a tee! 
Not too salty and doesn't taste like it has a lot of MSG. 
It tasted like proper soup. 

 We ordered another side dishes to try out. 
This should be.... Swine's ear or something. 
Can't really remember,
but it's definitely something that we have never tried before. 
And it's served cold! 
But it wassssssss tasty in a way I can't describe. 

 Ramen Soup with Ikan Kurau
I have never seen or heard about this fish all my life, 
but this combination was the bomb! 
The souppppp, I love the soupppp! 
And the fishhhhh added extra fragrant to the soup, 
but we were all pretty stuffed by the time this dish was served. 
Andddddd, the fish was rather troublesome to eat, 
too many bones! HAHAHHA! 

Well, since we went for a rather casual menu, I can't really compare it to other restaurants under the same group, but this has got to be the least satisfactory ones to date, especially on the service. But the food still taste great! I think I should revisit this place again and try out their more popular dishes!
"Voted as one of Asia’s Finest Chinese Restaurants by The Miele Guide and also rated as the only Chinese restaurant in KL’s Top 20 restaurants by CNN Travel Guide" - Oriental Pavilion webpage

2008     The Miele Guide
-One of Asia’s Finest Restaurant 2008/2009
2009     The Miele Guide
-One of Asia’s Finest Restaurant 2009/2010
2012    Trip Advisor
-Recommended on Trip Advisor
Mondays to Saturdays 
11.00 am – 3.00 pm
6.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays 
10.00 am – 3.00 pm
6.00 pm – 11.00 pm 

P1-04, Level 1 Podium, Jaya 33 
No.3, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan  
Tel: 03- 7956 9288 
GPS: 3.110354,101.637255

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