Art Workshop at Gallery Petronas, KLCC

My sister and I dropped by Petronas Art Gallery one day to view some arts by the famous sculpture artist Oliviero Rainaldi. Upon leaving, we subscribed ourselves to all the events of this art gallery. 

We were overjoyed to receive an invitation to join the art workshop and talk by the same artist himself on his trip to Malaysia. 

Signed up for art talk, but what we didn't know was that they switched both of the session, 
which was why we finally ended up in art workshop instead. 

 The moment I saw pencil and paper were provided, 
I wanted to die inside, 
because I can't draw at all! 

 When the artist came in, 
my blood pressure increased to the maximum, 
I felt immensely stressed out because I can't draw at all. 

But the artist was really down to earth and understanding. 
He knew my sister and I aren't art students, 
so he was pretty lenient towards us. 

First task given was to draw a tree, 
which I failed miserably. 

 Then he taught us the proper method to sketching, 
and he expected all of us to use his method, 
to draw anything off our mind. 
And yeahhhh... 
I went ahead and drew cells and the heart. 
What else can you expect from a nerd like me? 

 Before the workshop was over, 
he kindly autographed on all our book
and he even took a photo with all of us. 
He was really really really down to earth! 

Ahhhhh... I should probably start picking up some drawing skills. >_<

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