Thai Odyssey Massage & Spa @ The Guest Hotel & Spa, Port Dickson

If you have read my blog here, you’d have known that my previous Traditional Thai Massage Session at Thai Odyssey left me completely rejuvenated and I had since longing for more relaxing sessions like the one I had.

Knowing that there’s a Thai Odyssey outlet located on the first floor of the hotel we were staying- The Guest Hotel and Spa, I knew my relaxing weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without squeezing in a Thai massage session.

Booked a session for two on a lovely Friday evening and it was definitely the highlight of our entire Port Dickson weekend getaway!

Now, if you’re a newbie to Traditional Thai Massage, here are a few tips for you to make sure you have the most relaxing 1 hour or so in your life!

1. I can’t emphasize this enough! MAKE SURE you choose the right spa which has the right professional therapist. You may think that the ambiance is just a luxury that we can omit, but without the right ambiance, you will not feel completely at ease or relaxed. I once had a bad experience with an unhygienic massage center which caused me a full-blown breakout on my entire face and I’ve been refusing massage services until I discovered Thai Odyssey! A skillful and experienced therapist is also extremely important to make sure the possibility of injuries is greatly reduced, if not eliminated during all the stretching.

2. Feel free to communicate with the therapist if you have any particular concern. Say, if you have lower back pain, talk to the therapist so that they could reduce stretching on the particular part of the body.

3. Getting a Thai Massage is not ideal right after a meal.  Give it a few hours before getting a Thai Massage, or if you happen to have taken a meal prior to your session, again, communicate with your therapist to prevent stretching on your abdominal area.

4. Massage improves your blood circulation and ensures a smooth flow of the energy in your body, so taking a shower immediately after a massage session is not advisable.

Stepping into the spa center, you will be greeted with two friendly staffs at the reception counter.

While waiting for your registration to complete, you will be served tea at their reception lounge. 

The warm and absolutely fragrant tea activated my senses, making my receptors more susceptible to the relaxing aroma diffusing in the air. The combo of both the tea and the scent, coupled with the dim lighting and soothing music, this was the ambiance I was talking about. Both my mind and body were ready for an utterly divine unwinding session. 

The iconic Thai Odyssey reception lounge, the harmonious blend of the contemporary and traditional element was well depicted with the collocation of intricate artwork and vibrant colours.

P/s. If you ever visit Thai Odyssey, be sure to take an Instagram-worthy photo at the lounge too!

Long-time patrons of Thai Odyssey who relish in their sterling services and products will find themselves getting lost in paradise browsing all the in-house products on display too!

If you can’t get enough of their tea and the aromatic scent always circulating in the atmosphere, you could totally recreate these moments at home now that you know where to get them!

To be completely honest, I was so desperate for a massage session because day after day of endless work and experiment failures have driven me mad and I was in dire need of a quiet moment to reconnect with my body and soul. Thai Massage was the first thing came to mind! Thai massage has long been associated with the immense benefit for our mental wellbeing. It has the ability to reduce cortisol level in our body by boosting serotonin (happy hormone) level. It is also especially beneficial for people who have a relatively sedentary lifestyle. In addition to improving the flexibility of our body through different stretching, massage also regulates blood circulation which altogether provides us the feeling akin to having a workout session at the gym, without us actually having to do anything physically.

All of the services in Thai Odyssey commence with an invigorating foot scrub. 

Totally in love the extra love they give to our feet by gently washing and scrubbing them before taking us to our little corner for our 90 minutes Traditional Thai Massage. 

Traditional Thai Massage involves a lot of stretching and difficult poses, so we were taken to a room where the mattresses are laid directly on the floor. The room was immaculate with our change of clothes tidily folded and rested on the bed. 

Another cup of warm tea to hydrate our body before the massage began! 

Clean eye pillow filled with beads were placed on our eyes after we positioned ourselves comfortably on the mattress. Extremely soothing music playing at the background with the eye pillow cutting out the lights shining into our eyes, I felt so relaxed that I almost fall asleep instantly. 

 I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and just focus on my breathing while the therapist worked wonders on my tense muscles! 

The massage session started from our feet, slowly moving upwards, finishing up the pressure focused massage with an enjoyable head massage before some intense yoga-like stretching which put us into different poses with the help of the therapist. 

 Instead of going with the flow of my therapist this time round, I decided to communicate with the therapist prior to the session. My body, especially my limbs were pretty sore from all the workout sessions I had a day before this, so this time round the therapist paid more attention to the bigger areas of the body, like pressing my sore points along my limbs with their arms or elbows and giving them a good body needed the other day. All the pressing and stretching emphasizing on my limbs released all the tension out of my muscles and I must say I felt really energised after the session. 

The final stretching of my limbs did leave the both of us screaming for our dear life (exaggerated of course), but I can’t deny how much it made me feel relaxed after the session that even my steps were lighter while we were leaving the spa. 

All in all, it was an absolutely enjoyable experience for both my mind and my body. I felt more energised at work, longer attention span which altogether increased my productivity. 
If you’re visiting Port Dickson, I highly recommend slotting in a spa session at Thai Odyssey, The Guest Hotel and Spa and feel the difference it made to your mind and body instantly! 

You could also watch our experience in action here! 

Thai Odyssey Massage and Spa Port Dickson
Address: PT 4704, 1st Floor, The Guest Hotel & Spa, Jalan DS3/1, Bandar Dataran Segar, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: 606 - 651 7781 
Fax: 606 - 651 7792
Opening Hours:  10.00 am – 10.00 pm (Monday to Sunday)


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