Chiang mai/ Chiang Rai 5D4N- Day 4 Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) and Day 5

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This day has got to be the most insta-worthy, picturesque place of our entire trip!
And I was anticipating for this day to come! 

I have heard so much about this legendary white temple in Chiang Rai and I thought this was definitely the highlight of the entire trip! 

And I thank god that the sky was clear but there was tons of cool breeze, so we didn't have to sweat a bucket to take photos in this stunning place. 

This was what greeted us at the entrance of the white temple. 
Once I landed my gaze at this beautiful arch, I just couldn't stop my legs, I was too eager to witness the beauty of the white temple itself. 

But before the white temple, there stood another lush golden building which were shining so bright it could blind our eyes. 
Give it a wild guess what this building is! 

It's the TOILET! 
No joke. 

Anyway, we couldn't wait and we walked straight into the temple after we gotten our tickets! 
And Lo and behold! 

It was so beautiful that it took my breath away! 
It was absolutely white, and even more sparkly and stunning under the sunlight. 
I wish my pictures do this place justice because they look so much better in real life than in photos I kid you not. 

Since it's a touristy place, it was rather difficult to get a shot without any photobombers. 
So my tip was to just pose and pose and pose, while the person behind the camera snap and snap away! 

There will be at least one shot that looks like the place belonged to you! 

We then spent the rest of the day wandering in touristy souvenir shops, then malls and ended our day with a good night market shopping. 

I highly recommend night market shopping should you visit Chiangmai! Just make sure to compare prices before you buy! And it's always ok to ask for discounts! ;)

For day 5, we had our breakfast at the hotel as per usual, then we sneaked out into the mall behind our hotel to do some last-minute drugstore shopping!

Ughhh!! I wish I can bring all of the items I saw back to Malaysia, but that means I'll have to pay a ton for baggage overweight.

But, we still managed to buy quite a bit of stuffs, I got my La Roche Posay skincare, some soap and glory makeup, some seventeen and number 7 makeup as well as Sanctuary Spa body scrub from Boots!

If you're heading to Thailand, don't forget to check out Boots for all these goodies we don't have in Malaysia!

Then we headed to a nice hotel for a buffet lunch session and went to the airport after the meal. 

Honestly didn't expect myself to love Chiangmai as much as I did. Chiangmai was incredible!
I highly recommend putting this place on your bucket list for an interesting cultural and adventurous experience! 

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