Chiang mai/ Chiang rai 5D4N - Day 3

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Day 3 morning was colder than ever! 

And we were also in quite a mad rush as we had to pack our bags with us. 

And we were heading to Chiangrai, another province of Thailand. 

My outfit for day 3 which the tour guide claimed to be very similar to what an air stewardess would wear on board. Hahahha! 

The journey to Chiangrai is a crazy long one, so we had several stops in between. 
First was a hot spring! 

In my head I was picturing super picturesque Japanese Style Hot Spring where we got to go in and soaked for a good hour or so, then complete with a nice meal. 
But ahak! It's an outdoor hot spring! 

I thought it was really bizarre! 
The entire place looked like a normal, well, commercial place where they sell tons of souvenirs and snacks, but if you follow the steam, you will find a stream of hot water flowing all the way from the top. 
The whole stream was about maybe 50m long? 

It felt surprisingly nice to soak our feet in the hot water in such cold weather. 
but reminder though, always be careful while moving around the stream, 
we witnessed a lady who fell straight into the hot stream and got all drenched. 

We bought tons of snacks to keep us busy for the next hour before we arrive at our lunch destination, the golden triangle. 

The food, again, was absolutely horrible and I wouldn't recommend them at all! 
But to be fair, this place does have a really beautiful view! 

I braved the heat and scorching sun to take these photos because it would be a waste if I don't! 

After lunch, we were brought to an Opium Museum. 
If you haven't already known, the golden triangle was once a place full of opiums! 
Almost everyone had experienced opium and it has also seen the dead of many addicts. 

It is now very strictly regulated, but this history has also left a dark era for the three countries, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. 

The rest of the tourists went on a trip to Myanmar and we decided not to join them. 
So we were left here to wander around the area, 
which I thought was such a fun thing to do! 

We did the usual Thai touristy thing: Temple Visiting. 

And also, all thanks to these self-wandering session that we got the chance to taste some authentic tom yam! 
It was heavenly! 

Then we were brought to another place, where the rest of the tour group would travel to Laos, and we opted out too. 

So, we went for a therapeutic Thai Massage session, 
then we strolled around the street market. 

Got ourselves matching caps and some other snacks and random stuffs. 
Love strolling at their night market especially in such cooling weather. 

When the rest of the tourists returned, we had dinner at the hotel we were staying. 
Definitely a better meal out of all the meals we have had in Chiangmai. :/

But, we didn't have much time to enjoy the food as we were rushing to head out to the night market! 
I also had the chance to stop by Boots. OMG. 
I went crazy in Boots carting everything out. 
Got loads of cosmetics that I don't normally see in our local pharmacy! 

Then, headed to the night market and got ourselves some good bargains too! 

We got back to hotel around midnight and called it a day! 

Stay tuned to Part 4 where we visited the unreal White Temple. 

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