The Guest Hotel & Spa @ Port Dickson

Looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend getaway but don’t want all the hassle that comes with long journeys? Look no further than The Guest Hotel and Spa located in the heart of Port Dickson!

Nestled in the lively entertainment town of Lukut, slightly north of Port Dickson town, this family 3 stars hotel at Dataran Segar is definitely your best bet for a comfortable stay be it for the family, business travel or just a sweet escape.

Just an hour away from the bustling Kuala Lumpur, Lukut boasts a completely opposite vibe. Expect tranquility and serenity when you stroll along the streets. None of the restaurants here were brimming with people, and none of the streets were having bad traffic. We had so much fun just wandering around the streets aimlessly taking in the beauty of the ancient buildings left from the past; taking a peaceful 10 mins drive from the hotel to the beach for some therapeutic natural sound of the waves hitting the shore mixed with the giggles of the kids playing by the beach. It’s definitely an ideal fuss-free holiday destination.

And of course, an ideal weekend getaway wouldn’t be complete without a home-like place to sleep in.

This humble hotel offers so much more than I could have ever imagined. Well-equipped with a ballroom, meeting room, swimming pool, spa (Thai Odyssey) and Jacuzzi, gymnasium, Wau Restaurant, Free WiFi Internet Access, this place is perfect for a myriad of occasions from lovely family get-together, hosting various functions to relaxing hideaway etc. Be ready to feel like home, but not quite, with the wide selection of hotel room options which come in absolutely pocket-friendly price tag along with the sterling services provided.

Conveniently located beside Giant Hypermarket, and just a stone’s throw away from numerous famous tourist attractions in the vicinity of the Cowboy Town and the Alive 3D Art Gallery, Masjid Kariah Kg, Paya and Siloam Church etc. The Guest Hotel and Spa couldn’t have been more strategic. 
The plenty food options around the hotel is a such a plus too! Be spoilt with choices from various cuisines including famous nasi kandar, Indian food, and tons of Chinese food options all within walking distance. If you are a beach person, you would also enjoy picking up snacks at the hypermarket beside before taking a short 10 mins drive to the beach for a divine nap by the beach, or a refreshing dip into mother nature’s hug. 

The entrance to our alcove for a night.

If you haven’t already known, The Guest Hotel and Spa is the only hotel in Malaysia who works with the most reputable and loveable spa in the country, Thai Odyssey

Be sure to head down to the first floor for an absolute rejuvenating de-stress session choosing from an extensive list of services including traditional Thai massage, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology etc.

Read my experience here

Friendly receptionist and easy check-in! 

Spacious and welcoming lounge area! 

We got ourselves a lovely Honeymoon suite for our lovely weekend getaway and I couldn’t have asked for a better option. 

Feel free to watch the room tour in action here! 

A lit up closet makes choosing clothes in the morning such a breeze! 

Rose petals wallpaper adorning the wall exudes a romantic vibe to the entire room with a pink glow. 

Spotless toilet/shower gets a star from a germophobe like me! 

I always appreciate a wide and spacious vanity table for the abundance of skincare and makeup I bring along with me every single time I go on a holiday. 

Honeymoon Suite came with the ginormous hot tub at the outdoor area! 

Wau Restaurant has the foodie in you covered too! 

Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast at Wau Restaurant in the morning, or visit them in the afternoon for a delicious afternoon tea treat with a Malaysian twist at a surprisingly affordable price tag, or just walk-in anytime of the day for delicious international/local cuisine.

P/s. Their curry was sooo goooddd! 

With their 111 rooms selection to choose from, I am pretty sure that you would definitely find something that suits you! 

1. Family Room (Queen Sized bed + Twin beds) 

2. Family Room (Queen + Queen Beds)

3. Presidential Suite

The Sultan of Perak paid this place a visit a couple of years back and this was the room he stayed! 
Absolutely elegant and posh, even the Royal family enjoyed their stay. 
If you have some extra to splurge, do consider renting this room. 
It is absolutely stunning! 

4. Executive Suite 

 Jacuzzi right next to the bed, with a window overlooking the entire bedroom. 

I had such an amazing time in this hotel and I can’t say enough good things about them!

If you’re looking to book your next weekend getaway, I’d highly recommend checking them out!

For more info:
Address: 4704, Jalan Ds 1/3, Bandar Dataran Segar, 71010 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.


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  2. Just looking at the entrance to the building, I could tell the spa was going to be extraordinary. The lobby looks amazing, and the room relaxing, but the spa really takes my breath away. I bet you never felt as relaxed as you did once those treatments were started and they began to soothe away all your stresses of the day.

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing a few lines! The spa was the highlight, but the hotel room was beyond my expectation too given that it came with such an affordable price tag! You should visit them!

  3. This hotel spa is wonderful. I appreciated your blog . Keep sharing.


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