Glowing skin with PRP treatment @ Premier Clinic Bangsar Baru

Who remembers when Kim K posted a selfie of her face covered with blood and shocked the whole world?
Well, proud to announce, I have followed her footstep, jumped on the bandwagon and did the so-called Vampire  Facials only that it wasn't as bloody as it was seen on her.

PRP treatment or more commonly known as Vampire facial for a layman as it involves injecting 'blood' into the skin. 

But the truth is, you are not actually injecting blood directly into your skin. PRP is readily available in everyone's body. And it is obtained by drawing a small amount of blood from the patient themselves where the blood will then be spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. The spun blood would form 3 layers where the red and white blood cells are separated from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid). And now the plasma is concentrated with platelets and hence the name platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.

PRP has come a long way in the medical world. It is a popular treatment in orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery. But it has taken the world by storm with its application in dermatology and cosmetology where it is used for skin wound healing and cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of PRP to promote new collagen growth when injected into the skin, and subsequent studies continue to reveal the many benefits of PRP which includes softening sun damage and improving aging skin issues.

Now you may wonder, why is this bloody procedure so popular amongst the beauty addicts?

Platelet is a component of the blood that assists the growth of new cells and tissue healing all thanks to its high concentration of growth hormone. PRP speed up the cell turnover by acting as a matrix at the injected area, where it promotes collagen growth, stimulates wound healing and repairing. All of the effects would then be reflected on the surface of the skin to unveil naturally smoother and tighter skin. Besides, I think this treatment is quite possibly the safest aesthetic procedure as it is done without chemicals or foreign substances of any kind. The possibility of an allergic reaction or infection is eliminated because the plasma is obtained from our own body! This foolproof treatment is akin to having a facelift, but with zero downtime!

If you haven't already known, PRP treatment is now the preferred treatment over hyaluronic fillers for total face rejuvenation instead of just filling out an individual wrinkle. It's safe for even grooves which are difficult or not safe to reach. Expect to see an overall volume, fullness, even skin tone.

If you are noticing dark circles and puffiness under your eyes; fine lines and sagging around your mouth, cheeks, and eyes; discolouration of your skin, dull and sullen skin, sun damage and scarring, then you will be benefited immensely from PRP treatment.

I personally have oily and acne prone skin. And yes, though turning 26 in a 6 months time, I still get horrible breakouts and that's why I am constantly bugged by the unsightly scars and hyperpigmentation. I have also heard people saying how this would help to shrink my zits, so I was extremely eager to try out. And yes, your girl is willing to go through all the bloody experience to obtain smoother skin. 

Special thanks to Dr. Jaswine Chew for her immense patience in advising me, a beauty-obsessed who's too nosy to ask about every single detail of every procedure we were considering. 
Dr. Jaswine Chew also paid close attention to my needs and the effects I was hoping to achieve. 
And it was after much consideration after weighing the pros and cons that Dr. Jaswine Chew decided that I would benefit the most from PRP treatment
Knowing how experienced and knowledgeable Dr. Jas is, I know my face is in good hands. 
So I put my faith in her and went on with the procedure. 

The procedure itself was rather short, but the time taken for the numb cream to take effect was a long one. So expect to spare at least an hour and a half for this treatment.

This was my skin before. 
As you could tell from the pictures, I was concerned about the few angry spots I had on my face, 
I had mild superficial texture issues, and I had loads of hyperpigmentation in addition to having really oily skin. 

I was taken into the treatment room where the assistant cleansed my face and covered my face with numb cream to prepare me for the treatment. Meanwhile, the doctor came in to personally withdraw the blood from my arm. They took only about 10cc of blood. They then spun the blood to separate the platelets from the blood.

The injection itself was rather quick, roughly 10 minutes. Although I have had numb cream applied on my skin an hour prior to the treatment, I could still feel the slight pain during injection, more so on my cheek than anywhere else of my face, maybe because I have a relatively sensitive cheek. Although I inevitably had tears rolling out of my eyes after several injections, the pain was really bearable with the help of local anesthetic. 
Also, really loved how hygienic Dr. Jas was when she was dealing with me. She requested for a change of needle after a few injections and although it's a small detail that's often overlooked, it really impressed me! 

Again, all thanks to my sensitive skin, my face was red, puffy and I could see little bumps all over my face where injections were done.

But the great thing about this treatment is that it practically has zero downtime for most people and it requires no post procedure care. The mild swelling, redness, or bruising (which fortunately I didn't get thanks to the skillful doctor!) usually fade within 1-3 days.


This was my skin one day after the treatment. 
I was okay to go out with my sunblock on. 
As you could see, my zits were still there, and my skin texture hasn't improved a whole lot, and I had some visible injection points on my skin. 

This was how my skin looked at day 2 after the treatment. 
Zits have pretty much shrunken. 
My skin looked more even toned. 

I was anticipating to see improved skin tone and texture, tightened skin, soften lines and pores from this treatment. And I can already see my skin glowing after 2 days of the treatment. The complete results will begin to show in about 3-4 weeks time and it will continue to improve with time.

And here are some of the progress I have managed to notice within 2 weeks time. 

And this is how my skin was looking 3 days after treatment, without any sunblock on! 
Pretty impressed with the improved texture and lines.
My skin looked much more glowing already. 

This was one week after treatment. 
My skin condition has improved quite a lot I'd say. 
Texture problems have improved and pigmentation slightly reduced.
Breakouts have visibly reduced too! 

This was my skin 2 weeks after the treatment. 
And just like what I've already known about the procedure, my skin condition did continue to improve time after time. 
And that's what I loved about PRP treatment
My skin is so glowing, texture problems are noticeably less prominent, my hyperpigmentation has also improved by a ton! 
The lines around my eyes due to dryness have also largely reduced. 

As you could tell, I am really satisfied with the results of PRP treatment done at Premier Clinc Bangsar. The effect for PRP treatment is long lasting, meaning my skin will look even better a few months later. And that’s the new cell growth in our skin generated by PRP takes up to weeks and even months, therefore skin condition will improve with time! That's also another reason why PRP is the preferred treatment in comparison to Botox and other filler treatments as these products break down with time, but the effect of PRP lasts and looks better from 18 months to two years. Of course, for better results, treatment has to be done up to at least 3 times in 3 consecutive months and you will be surprised by how your skin changes afterwards. 

Although PRP therapy is a relatively safe procedure to be done, it still has a certain degree of risks as blood and needles are involved. Therefore, always always always visit an established centre like my choice, Premier Clinic and go to a certified and experienced doctor to avoid the chances of walking out of the clinic will full face of bruises. Also, consult the doctor before any treatment. For better results, PRP therapy can also be combined with other procedures under doctor's advice like laser treatments, micro-needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Restylane, Juvederm, BOTOX® Cosmetic, and/or Dysport®  to target diffirent skin concern in order to achieve an overall healthy and youthful looking skin.

Again, I highly recommend doing your PRP treatment only with a doctor and not just any therapist or beautician! Super glad to have mine done by Dr. Jaswine Chew from Premier Clinic Bangsar. My skin is probably the trickiest skin to deal with and Dr. Jaswine attended to my concern with patience. She was gentle and meticulous!
And I couldn't recommend her enough!

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