Almost everyone who sees me asks me about my hair! "Why is your hair so voluminous?" "How does your hair colour stay on for so long?" "How do you keep such a long hair frizz-free?" How do you style your hair without damaging your hair?" 
And today I shall answer all of them in just one post!

In all honesty, I used to not care much about my hair. About 6 months ago, I was still that person who curled my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY with extremely high heat setting (250); I used a ton of dry shampoo on days where I didn't feel like washing my hair; I dyed my hair pretty often though I never bleached them; and I blow-dried my hair, again with the highest heat setting every time after my hair wash. And with all the stress I put my hair through, I never for once visited a hair salon for hair treatment. 

I've soon came to realization that my hair was becoming thinner and thinner with an insane amount of breakage and hair fall almost every single day. Everywhere I go, I left my trace (fallen hair). LOL. 
The ends of my hair got incredibly dry to the extent where I couldn't just leave my hair straight cause they would all go in different directions and I'd ended up looking like a homeless with a puffy hair. LOL. 
And without a doubt, all these damages have definitely taken a toll on my scalp too! 
I'd been bugged by dandruff issues and my hair just wasn't the best view to be seen. 

I knew I needed to do something or I'd go bald as time goes by! 
My bestie, Winnie, who saw the worst of my hair, came to the rescue by recommending this set of hair care products. 

The AISAN Top Team Pure Flower Extract Shampoo

AISAN Top Team Revitalising Hair Mask

Judging from the well-loved packaging, you'd know they have definitely been my go to for a few months now! 

AISAN TOP TEAM Revitalising hair mask (500ml) (RM118)
Main ingredients: Butyrospermum Park II, Rosa rugosa, Avocado Oil, Wheat Protein, Revitalizing Essence

In simpler terms, our hair is made up of Keratin (a form of protein). The health of your hair, or generally just the look of hair depend largely on the outer layer of your hair. All the harsh processes on our hair damage the cuticle layer, which leaves them lifted, unable to retain moisture, subsequently prone to breakage etc. 
This treatment shampoo which is packed with restoring proteins works to seal the opened cuticles of your hair, thereby preventing moisture loss and thus restoring your hair to its natural healthy state. 

AISAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo (500ml) (RM88)
Main ingredients: Rosa rugosa and Coconut Oil
I cannot stress enough the goodness of coconut oil for its various mositurising purposes be it for the hair or the skin. And coconut had been a popular hair treatment since ancient times; whereas Rosa rugosa is a species of rose native to eastern Asia, where it grows on the coast, often on sand dunes with its amazing ability to store moisture and thrive the harsh weather.

Consistent usage of this shampoo enhances the ability of your scalp to repair dry hair to its soft and silky, youthful stage.

And below I am gonna show you my instant hair transformation in just one wash! 

This is my second-day hair with a normal shampoo and conditioner! 
I put my hair a lot of stress (i.e heat and styling) so my hair normally looks like a bunch of hays after done blow drying! 
And prior to using this shampoo, my hair has so much breakage everytime I wash my hair. 
Brow drying would always result in a pool of hay on the floor at the end of the session. LOL. 

But all these worries were gone with my new found favourite, repairing treatment set from AISAN Top Team soft. 
And to achieve soft and smooth, frizz-free hair has never been so easy! 

 First of all, just like any shampoo, rinse your hair well! 

 And take one pump of shampoo in your palm! 
For normal below shoulder hair length, you could totally get away with using one pump of shampoo! 
But I've got really long hair (waist length), so I'll need a pump and a half to cover my entire hair! 

The shampoo is absolutely free from Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Sodium laureth sulphate (SLeS) and Silicone Oil! So don't expect a crazy amount of foam like other shampoos on the market. 
But I assure you, once you rinse the shampoo off, you're left with an utterly clean scalp and hair! 
It felt squeaky clean without leaving your hair totally dried out! 

 Then I'd scoop a generous amount of hair treatment, which is totally excessive I know. 
All of you with thinner, finer and shorter hair should use only a quarter of mine. 
But I really enjoy the smooth and silky texture my hair is getting after each usage, so I am just gonna be generous with the amount! 

Slather them on! 
Leave it on for a minute or two just like you would with any conditioner! 
And then rinse it off with water and you're ready to meet you all new hair! 

Voluminous, smooth, clean and frizz-free! 
It's all the things you could ever ask for your hair! 

And when I run my fingers through my hair, 
I am happy to report that it's knot/tangle-free too! 

I honestly havent felt so happy with my hair in such a long time. 
And if you're keen, I still haven't paid a single visit to hair salon for expensive hair treatments yet. 

The smell of it is very refreshing too! 
The floral scent is really comfortable without being too overpowering! 

If you are faced with problems like:
Split Ends, Frizzy Hair, Dandruff, Hair Loss, Dry and Dull Hair,
then search no further than this set of haircare products which work wonders on your hair!

They are currently running a promo!
The set of 2 is now priced at RM158 instead of the usual RM186!
So grab yours now before the promo is over!

For more info, please contact authorised dealer Elaine Gan!

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