Ramadan buffet @ Best Western iCity

The holy month Ramadan is just a couple of weeks away! And I know many people are already making plans at different venues to reward themselves after a long day of fasting! 
We were absolutely lucky to be able to preview the amazing Ramadan buffet at The Best Western Hotel, iCity, Shah Alam!

Although the blue lights of the Best Western Hotel has been shining directly into our place which is literally just across the street, the thought of dining at this hotel had never crossed our mind. And, stepping into The View Cafe on the 5th floor with an eye-opening buffet spread has shown us what we have been missing all these while! 

To be completely honest, upon showing my feast at this amazing ramadan buffet review on my social media the other day, I was being told that their food had been rather disappointing in the past. 
If you are still somewhat dejected by the rather mediocre food in the past, you will have to revisit them to change your mind! 
They have restructured the entire management team and this year they are determined to come back stronger than ever! 

The selling point of this Ramadan buffet is that not only do they feature an interesting plethora of Ramadhan specialties with rotation menu prepared earlier in the kitchen, you will be amused by the 6 action stalls lined up at the alfresco dining area for food which are rewarding to both the eyes and our palate! 

I know my fellow Malay friends are crazy about durians!
So, why not add in a whole lot of excitement during your break-fasting session with an unlimited supply of durian peeled for you! 

Glorious glorious lamb grilling in the sunset! 

Sup "Gearbox" which is apparently extremely popular during the ramadhan month for its thirst-quenching and yet totally savoury experience all in one bowl! 

Laksa is definitely a staple food for all of our Malay friends! 
Knowing that people from every state has distinct preference in their laksa broth, 
they have thoughtfully prepared 13 different types of laksa from all across Malaysia! 
Be it the iconic Johor Laksa that is made with sambal belacan and calamansi limes and topped with Chinese pickled radish (chye poh); the distinguished Laksa Kuah Putih from Terengganu; and even to the popular Asam Laksa could all be found in one single stall. 
We all know nothing beats a warm hearty laksa after a long day of starvation, so all the laksa's are freshly made upon order! 

We adored the outdoor seating area! 
If you're early, you may even get to catch the golden hour and watch the sun set while enjoying bonding time with family and friends! 

Some of the featured Ramadhan specialties include Udang Goreng Jintan (above) and Ayam Palembang (below). 

What's a buffet without desserts right? 
I must say I am really impressed with their dessert selections! 
Be sure to go home with a sugar rush as you nibble through Kuih Beronok, Puteri Mandi, Kuih Bakul, Pengat Pisang, Kuih Kalakatar, Sago Gula Melaka, Ais Kacang, Cendol Pulut, Onde-onde (a personal favourite of mine) and the list goes on and on.
If you're in the mood for some cakes, they have a handful to choose from, but the moist chocolate cake was definitely the winner out of the bunch (including tiramisu, blueberry cheese cakes etc.).

Here we have their two Chef recommendations:
Nasi Briyani Kambing & Kari Kepala Ikan.
If I could choose to eat only one food for the entire 3 hours on repeat,
it will definitely be the Nasi Briyani *hands down*.
It's quite possibly the best Nasi Briyani I have eaten in a long long time.
The rice was nicely cooked but still managed to remain a certain amount of firmness, definitely the best type to go in Nasi Briyani; and also absolutely fragrant with the generous usage of spices.
I like my Nasi Briyani covered with loads of cashew nuts to give it a layer of crunchy texture and additional flavours and theirs has definitely lived up to my expectations!
The Nasi Briyani was absolutely delicious on its own, or the taste can be perked up a whole lot more with the Kari Kepala Ikan!
The additional spicy broth is great for those who like their rice saucy (banjir).
Its exciting spicy and soury flavour was absolutely appetising.
And I could not move on without crediting the kitchen team for the proper handling of the fish,
it's free from fishy taste, and this has certainly enhanced the pure goodness of the curry!

At the entrance of the restaurant, we have what we'd like to think as a salad bar. Here you can pack on your fiber intake with the western style salad and of course, the Malaysian style "salad" aka appetiser featuring Lempeng Kelapa, Rojak Tonggek, Kerabu Kecambah, Umai Udang, Rojak Petis, Pekasam, 13 types of Sambal Celok and more!

Every slice of lamb is cut by a professional chef, ensuring the ratio of fat & meat is optimum for serving.

**Optional request of salt bae performance can be done too! 😆**
Just kidding, but you could try! 😝

Satay which again, was an absolute joy to eat; and some grilled fish for you to choose from! 

Murtabak Raja

Ais Kacang 

Rangka Ayam Goreng

Pengat Pisang

All these free-flow delicious food are only priced at RM78 nett if you book before 31st May 2017. Thereafter price will be at RM98 nett. For children aged 5 years old to 12 years old and senior citizen aged 55 years and above, they can enjoy all these goodness at only RM49 nett
On top of all these promo, guests get to enjoy buy 10 free 1 voucher based on RM98 nett throughout the Ramadhan period. Maybank, Public Bank and Ambank Cardholders will also enjoy a 10% discount

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact 03-5521 9000 or email to

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