MOLPay When You Shop At Lazada- Most convenient payment method

How many of you have been shoving the thought of online shopping at the back of your mind because you feel insecure about all the online payment method? 
As corny as I may sound, I am definitely that person who has an awful lot of concern pertaining to online payment. I'd fret if my payment has gone through, or if the website is safe for any sort of personal information protection, and honestly, most of the time I'd be faced with the disappointment when certain shopping sites only accept credit card or PayPal payment. 

Come on, I am just a poor student without a credit card! :( 

If you have the same concern as I do, or if you're like me, don't have a credit card, we could all rejoice as Lazada Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination has recently launched an all new paying method- MOLPay CASH

And I am going to demonstrate how so easy, convenient and secure to shop on Lazada Malaysia.

In case you haven't already known, Lazada Malaysia app is now on App Store / Google Play Store!

Lazada Malaysia App is also extremely easy to navigate with all the items nicely grouped into categories! 

Sign up an account if you're new! 

And within literally seconds, you are now able to shop at your fingertips anytime, anywhere! 

I have a few trips coming up and I don't really like taking my designer sunglasses out with me, especially on a hot and sweaty vacation or even a beach vacation!
I am hoping to find a cool, fun and exciting reflective sunglasses that's so on trend right now! 

All I need to do is just to click on the fashion category!

When you choose sunglasses, all the trendiest and coolest sunglasses will be on display for you to choose! You could also click the sort button to sort the items according to your personal preferences like price range, brands etc.

This reminds me so much of a designer pair of sunnies but it cost only a fraction of the price of the real deal! 
And the best part is, I got to read the reviews left by other users who had purchased the products before making my decision! 

Every single user expressed their satisfaction with the product they received! 
So I am not more relieved that it won't be a risky purchase! 

Just click the 'add to cart' button and you're ready to move on to the next item! 

I have been bothered by my unsightly acne scarring and I'd been on the hunt for derma rollers for the longest time! The hefty price tags were definitely the biggest hindrance to taking a leap of faith! 

But, in Lazada Malaysia, you could get practically anything at just a fraction of the price of what you see in the retail market. 

So I clicked on the Health and Beauty Category! 

And on top of the search button, I put down what I was searching for: Derma rollers! 
And bam! 
All sorts of different derma rollers appeared right at my fingertips! 

They have so many different needle lengths to suit all your different needs! 
People who wish to target wrinkle should go for 0.25-0.5mm.
But for acne scarring, 1.0mm to 1.5mm will be the best fit! 

 Titanium needle with 1mm length, perfect! 
That's what I was looking for! 
Similar to my previous item, I made sure to read through all the reviews before making my purchase!
The majority of the user loved the product and has since witnessed marked improvement on their skin. 
So it's definitely a yes for me! 

Now that I have chosen all of the products I desire. 
I go straight to my shopping cart to review all the items I have carted in! 

3 useful items only priced at a bargain of less than RM50! 
That's definitely a steal!  

Before proceeding to checkout, they will request for your personal info and password again, just to make sure your info is well secured! 

 And now here comes the most exciting part! 
The secured over the counter payment method  introduced by MOLPay
This leading payment in Southeast Asia is definitely a personal favourite of mine! You don't need to worry if you have a credit card or a debit card whatsoever as you're paying with MOLPay CASH, and better yet, all the payment is done over the counter at any 7-11 in your neighbourhood! 

Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive two barcodes as below: 

Now all you have to do is to screenshot these two barcodes, and take it with you to your nearest 7-11 within 48 hours to pay over the counter! 

And you could just sit and relax while waiting for your item to be delivered to you! 

It's definitely the most fuss-free payment method to me! 

Now, if you have been wanting something but was put away by the hassle and insecurities of online payment, it’s time to liberate your inner shopaholic and shop away! 

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  1. I love MOLPay Cash. Its now easy to shop during Payday Sale, Clearance Sale and more. Love you Lazada. Thanks for the Lazada Voucher


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