Shakeaway Sunway Pyramid

The UK's favourite milkshake brand has invaded the Egyptian land of Malaysia- Sunway Pyramid! 
We were absolutely honoured to have the chance to sample some of their signature drinks before their grand opening!

Shakeaway is always referred to as the FATHER of Milkshake since 1999 with the opening of its first shop in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth on the south coast of England! If you think Shakeaway is just another milkshake chain with boring and repetitive choices, you'll really have to visit the store for yourself and get ready to be spoilt for choices! 

Being the original re-inventor of Milkshake which then became a cult, the Shakeaway didn't stop and they will never stop! There are now more than 180 flavours and millions of possible combinations for patrons to choose from! Each milkshake is made to order by hand for every customer using real and fresh ingredients every time. The choices are endless! Choose from your favourite snacks like ferrero rocher & daim bar, real fresh fruit such as banana and passion fruit, luxury shakes such as red velvet cake and salted caramel, the iconic millionaire’s milkshake made with real 23 carats edible gold and our amazing fizzy soda shakes made with real coke, red bull and more.

Apart from milkshakes, you could also choose from a range of refreshing real fruit smoothies made with special crunchy ice, health conscious but absolutely delicious fries, 100% fat-free froyo desserts that resemble ice creams as well as shaved ice re-invented made from all natural fruit puree topped with real fruit at less than 160 calories per serving.

If you don't want to feel guilty after such indulgence, you could also request for reduced sugar ice cream or select from the fit and healthy shakes categories! Do mention to the helpful receptionist if you have any allergies, they are able to handcraft a drink cater to your special request! 

If you are crazy about chocolates, Dave has got to be your best bet. 
Made with all wholesome cocoa powder and the awesomeness of Kinder Bueno as well as Ferrero Roche, this drink is sure to bring you to a brand new high, sugar high of course! 
Every sip of the drink gives you a full-bodied chocolate flavour which is nowhere near dilute, 
and all the goodness left an exciting chocolatey aftertaste that's sure to keep you longing for more. 

Re-invented shaved ice is definitely my go-to in a sunny day! 
Definitely enjoyed this bowl of sinful sugary dessert with no guilt knowing that all the ingredients used were all natural! 
You could pretty much customise it any way you want it to be, 
and I made mine full of berries and it couldn't have been a better choice! 
The shaved ice is not as smooth and powdery as the Korean shaved ice we are used to, 
but we sure enjoyed the extra crunch this bowl of shaved ice provided. 

Over 180 choices and more hidden combinations, we spent so long before we could finally decide on what we wanted. 
Kudos to the helpful and friendly staff who kindly recommended all the best sellers and secret combo which would go well together. 

This iconic milkshake that would set you back at RM80 and above is definitely worth a try if you're feeling spendy! 
Feel the luxury in every sip as you feel the gold foil sitting and melts on your tongue along with the other goodness that came with it. 
It's definitely rich, creamy and milky. 
I could only imagine the number of laps I'll have to run in the gym after consuming it. 
But everyone who ordered it seemed to enjoy every bit of it! 

Shakeaway Sunway Pyramid is now open and in full force! 
So hurry up and head over there to mix and match your favourite things into one cup of amazingness. 

It's located at the side of the escalator to TGV cinema, next to Kim Gary. 
Address: F1.53, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Malll. 

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