Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Surprisingly, having visited KL at least once a month throughout my entire life, I had never once stepped foot into this giant food/bar chain in KL!
And I guess I will never have done that either if it wasn't for a guest from the United States of America!

So basically my friend who's visiting Asia for about 3 weeks and she'd missed American food dearly. 
So we thought, what better place to take her to lunch other than this highly popular American dining place? 

Established on November 9th, 1991, this place has been going on strong as the best place for authentic American cuisine, and pitch-perfect live entertainment. Hard Rock Cafes all around the world are famous for their extensive collection of rock n' roll memorabilia and it is no different here in Hard Rock Cafe KL! 

You could basically get all your American cuisine cravings done under one roof from their wide selection of food menu which includes Legendary® Burger, hand-crafted sandwiches, savory sides, and delicious salads. 

We visited them during the late lunch hour so we were really happy that the place was somewhat quiet, great for chilling after a long morning under the hot scorching sun. The dimly lit ambiance also made us felt really relaxed, just the perfect setting for some catch-ups and occasional deep talks. 

Our lovely American friend went for the typical American staple, Mac and Cheese and she totally loved it. 
 I mean, if you have an American's green light for such iconic American food, you know this place does seriously great and authentic American food! 

We went for a refreshing Avocado Salad which honestly tastes like nothing else I've tried before! 
All the vegetables were fresh and absolutely crunchy! 
Smooth and buttery Avocado added such a lovely texture to the crunchy leaves, 
and the salsa sauce was the absolute highlight of the dish. 
What more can I say? 
I've never loved Salad as much as I loved this one from them. 

Seafood carbonara which was a little too thick for our fellow Malaysian friend. 
But there's no denying that the ingredients used were utterly fresh and succulents! 

Though the menu came with a higher price tag, the extra generous portion of each dish definitely justified the price tags! 
And overall, the dining experience here was a delight, especially with all the lovely and helpful staffs. 

I would highly recommend coming here for an authentic American dining experience, and if you fancy some cocktails, come here in the evening for great drinks alongside some amazing tunes! 

Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur
Address: Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: 11:30AM–1:15AM
Phone: +60 3-2715 5555

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