Wild Wild West Pet Fiesta 2017 @ Setia City Convention Center

If you have a pet, and you haven't been to a pet fiesta just yet, you're missing out loads of fun! 

D and I had the honour to attend Malaysia's biggest pet fiesta to date, the Wild Wild West Pet Fiesta which took place at Setia City Convention Centre from the 14th to 16th of April 2017. 

Having owned numerous pets all his life, D was definitely the more exciting one when he heard about the Wild Wild West Pet Fiesta. 
I was all pumped to catch a glimpse of the reptiles and anticipating to get goosebumps all around my body. Hahah! 
So we thought this could potentially the best way to spend our weekend! 

We were already hearing waves of dog barking sound as soon as we stepped out of our car! 
We were pretty worried that the pet fiesta was going to be an outdoor event, which meant we'd have to sacrifice comfort for fun, but this event turned out to be all INDOOR. Meaning, we could enjoy all the fun under one huge roof fully equipped with air-conditioning, but with one condition, kindly take care of our pets' dump. 

The place was already brimming with pet lovers upon our arrival! 

This entrance fee to the pet fiesta was only priced at RM5 per adult and FREE for children below 12 and senior citizens aged 60 and above, which I thought was absolutely reasonable. 

Right in front of the ticket purchasing counter was the Pet Adoption booth! 
Pet Adoption - each successful adoption comes with complementary starter pack
All of the animals you've seen above were either strayed / abandoned animal, or animals which suffer from some form of impediment. One that caught my eye was a super cute and fluffy cat which was actually deaf. 

Just right outside of the main entrance, we spotted so many absolutely gorgeous pets sitting by their owners' side. 
D went totally crazy over these animals and he just couldn't stop stroking them in hopes of catching their attention. 

Seeing these dogs making new friends were the cutest thing ever! 
Some of them were too friendly. while the others tried to show superiority. 
It was just so fun to watch! 
We wished that we had bought our dogs though! 
We could totally imagine them having fun, it would definitely feel like our pets were going to pets' version Disneyland. Ha! 

It was also an excellent place to admire some exotic or rare species in the fiesta! 
I've always wanted to see husky close up, and there were a handful of them in the fiesta. 
They looked absolutely calm and demure (lol at its pose), and just don't get me started on how photogenic they look! 

Stepping into the fiesta, we were greeted by loads of interesting booths! 

But what attracted me was the mini petting zoo! 
I literally squealed when I saw all the kids having fun with cute furry animals.

Petting Zoo
I personally adore the concept of this petting zoo. 
Urban kids nowadays don't really have the chance to be close to animals, let alone seeing one. 
I have heard numerous stories about urban kids not knowing how does a chicken look like IRL, so this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the little ones to some animals, where they can not just see it with their own eyes, but they could also touch them and interact with them! 
All the kids were having fun and I can't imagine why they wouldn't! 

Like I mentioned earlier, it's such a joy to see how all the dogs interact with each other. 

We then proceeded to the MKA Dog Show when we saw a substantial crowd building up at the end of the hall.

It was mind-blowing to see how well these dogs respond to command! 
D immediately wished that he could have performed these tricks on his pets too! 

Just when we were enjoying the show, we spotted this doggy which was trying to get the best spot to watch the performance of his mate. Haha! 




We then walked into various booth selling different food and necessities for domestic pets, just so we could do some shopping for our pets too! 
Before any research was putting into the food, D was already distracted by the absolutely gorgeous pets on show! 


Had the opportunity to witness a cat fight too! 

Other than Dog Shows, there was also an KKM International Cat Show ongoing too! 
All the proud parents were prepping their babies just so their babies could steal the limelight! 

If you have always been a fan of dogs but couldn't keep a pet for various reasons, you could also pay to have some play time with these playful dogs where treats were provided! 

The last section had got to be my favourite of all- the Reptile showcase! 

Expect to catch reptiles such as snake, chameleons, gecko, bearded dragons, all in this one hall!

I honestly think they are very creepy, but I am also very intrigued by them at the same time. 
There were so many exotic species that we wouldn't be able to see on a day to day basis, so it had definitely widen my knowledge on reptiles. 

After we're done seeing what we were hoping to see, we started our shopping for all the 3 dogs and 1 cat at home! 
We got an amazing deal on the dog's food and also some shampoo which is apparently really good for our pets which suffers from skin rashes every now and again! 
These products were sold at a cheaper price compared to the usual pet store so we had definitely snagged a bargain! 

If I am honest, this pet fiesta totally exceeded our expectation! 
We didn't think we would have such an amazing time here, though it was an absolute shame that our pets weren't tagged along, I'd imagine our pets having as much fun as we did, if not more, from all the friends making, treating, petisserie visiting etc. 
We would definitely bring our furry friends along for the next pet fiesta! 
Furtheremore, we were beyond the moon to have stocked up on the supplies for our furry animals while saving a buck load whilst we were there. 

If you own a pet and haven't been to any pet fiesta, I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for their next pet fiesta and I am pretty positive you would enjoy it as much as we did. 

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