Grand Harbour @ Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur

Dim sum places are abundant in our country. But posh modern dim sum dining place are some elusive gems!
Today I am going to introduce one that I had visited during CNY and revisited about a month later after my first enjoyable experience!

If you like authentic Cantonese delicacies but are always bothered by their lack of taste, Grand Harbour restaurant will definitely be up your street as it is a gourmet Cantonese restaurant which serves Cantonese delicacies with local twist. 
You will be spoilt with choices as you browse through their extensive menu featuring both authentic and local Cantonese dishes, perfect for people of different preferences! 

Conveniently located in Fahrenheit 88, this place is absolutely easy to locate, and parking spaces are abundant- making it the perfect venue for any sorts of occasion from intimate family gathering to larger scale functions like corporate celebrations etc. 

I adore the clean and sleek contemporary interior settings. Although the premise felt a bit crowded on a busy holiday morning, the tables are quite nicely separated so it didn't feel suffocating. 
You could also request to be seated in one of their 5 VIP rooms should you wish to have a more intimate dining sessions. 

We went there for lunch / dim sum, so the place got really busy. We were lucky to get a seat but I was informed that reservations are highly recommended to avoid disappointment. 

Another thing to note though, as it got really really busy whilst we were there, their service was atrocious. Not only were they not responsive, they took quite a while to have our food served too. 
We also had really hard time getting our tea pot refilled. :/

Albeit being slightly annoyed by the horrible service, we were really happy with their food. I guess that made up for the bad service at the end of the day?

Custard Lava Buns
This was really goodddd! 
Salty Egg Yolk Lava oozed out upon breaking the bun, 
and it had the most delicious taste ever. 
It had the perfect balance of being pretty salty and really creamy and slightly sweet. 
It's probably the best Custard Lava Buns I've had in a while. 

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

Mini Taro Buns
I highly recommend trying out these too! 
I love love love my yam fillings or flavour, 
so it says a lot when I say these are really good! 
The fillings taste like they're made of real yams, 
you could taste bits of yams remnants in the fillings and I really liked that. 
It wasn't too sweet or too runny either. 

Lotus Paste piggy buns
These are a work of art, but I'd say, more so to the eyes than for the palate.
The lotus paste came out too clumpy,
too much starch I suppose?

Char Siew Pastry 
Buttery and fragrant crust which is also absolutely flaky! 
The delicious and generous filling was also worth mentioning; I like how it's not overly sweet. 

Coconut Parfait RM13.80
We are crazy coconut fans, but we weren't being biased when we thought this was the winner of the day! 
The refreshing coconut pudding was bouncy and tender; 
using pure coconut milk and coconut water, the pudding was able to bring out the most genuine goodness of a coconut, sweet and light, nothing artificial. 

Overall, all of their dishes taste pretty good, I dare say they serve one of the best dim sums in KL. 
My frequent patronage is definitely the best proof. 

I can't wait to visit them for other options, like proper lunch dishes and dinner. 
My parents have tried their lunch dishes and absolutely adored them. 

Just thought I would squeeze in some cute selfies of us taken during that day, though these weren't taken at the restaurant. 

Grand Harbour @ Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur 
Address: Lot LG2 - 01 & 02 Lower Ground Two, Fahrenheit 88, No. 179, Jalan Walter Grenier, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 10AM–10:30PM
Phone: +60 3-2141 1763

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