Blackhead Eliminating Routine with Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

Nobody likes being seen with blackheads plaguing their skin. 
I have oily and acne prone skin. As much as I hate to admit, blackheads cling to me like they are my life partners. For all my life, I'd been trying all the methods I possibly could to get them removed, I would resort to squeezing them with my fingers, forcing them out with an extractor or even using blackhead peels on the nose.

As much as I enjoy the instant effect of the aforementioned procedures, they could only do so much. A day or two after going through the ordeal of getting them removed, they came back again. This goes on and on and on until one point I got sick of getting rid of them altogether. I pretty much just let them do their thang. And the next thing I know, these blocked pores led to more sebum accumulation underneath which facilitates the growth of P. Acne bacterium and "yay", acnes came out and party like there's no tomorrow. 

I knew I had to do something to stop this vicious cycle from going on. 

And yes. My life changed when I learned about the magic of exfoliation (and it involves AHA and BHA)! 

If you haven't already known, the skin all over our body is shedding every day (fun fact: that's where dust comes from!). But as we age, this cycle becomes disrupted, and this condition affects everyone from people who have dry skin to oily and clog-prone skin! Now how to spot if your cell's ability to remove dead skin cells have been compromised? You started getting enlarged pores, and often clogged; bumps, fine lines, loss of elasticity; patchiness; dry and flaky skin etc, all as a result of the buildup of dead skin sitting on top of your skin. 

Not only your skin no longer looks youthful as it once was, but you are also putting all your skin care to waste as they won't be able to penetrate into your skin and do their job!  

That's why we all need to give our skin a little help, by removing all the dead skins sitting on top of our skin! And to do that, my favourite way to do it is to use chemical exfoliants! 

I know it's absolutely satisfying to be physically scrubbing the skin, but my sensitive a.k.a redness prone skin doesn't tolerate abrasion well! In addition, I tried to avoid anything that would leave microtear on my skin, especially when I have acne, it will exacerbate spreading of the P.Acne bacteria! 

Chemical exfoliants AHA (alpha hydroxy acid e.g glycolic acid, lactic acid etc) and BHA (salicylic acid- a well-known acne fighting active ingredient) lift off the dead skin cells piling on top of our pores to reveal smooth, radiant, hydrated, youthful-looking skin underneath. In simpler terms, these ingredients break the bonds between your skin and the dull, dead skin on top, helping skin to shed naturally. Some people might notice visibly difference overnight, and some may need consistent use to notice a difference. 

Why do I choose BHA? 
1. BHA's oil-soluble property is great for people who wish to tackle enlarged and clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes and mild acne.
2. Besides working on skin’s surface, BHA goes all the way down the pores to give it a thorough cleanse.
3. Though being an exfoliant, BHA is perfect for sensitive and redness-prone skin as it has natural skin-calming properties.

Chemical exfoliants normally come with a hefty price tag. But today, I am going to talk about one product that does its job miraculously, but is priced reasonably! 

 Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub with BHA

The packaging of the product is simple yet on point. 
I like how the lids are tightly closed with a light tap, preventing unnecessary leakage of the product at any circumstances. 
The stopper on the lid also helped to prevent leaky cap situation which happens a lot in cleanser. 

This product is absolutely lightweight and it has a salmon-y milky colour. 

It's oil free and soap free! 
So do not worry about it stripping off the natural moisture barrier of your skin! 

This product contains 0.5% beta-hydorxy acid (BHA) aka salicylic acid.
Although being much gentler than physical exfoliants, most people who are new to BHA might still feel a little tingling sensation while using it and it's completely normal! 
The orange looking skin-conditioning beads soothes the skin, without being abrasive at all. In fact it was almost undetectable on the skin!
This product also contain unique blends of skin-soothing ingredients like cedarwood extract and other moisturising ingredients which help to retain the oil and moisture balance of our skin thereby preventing future comedones formation!

 Stress and 'that time of the month' have driven my skin a little haywire. 
But this handy product has managed to get everything under control! 
Not only my acne goes away faster, blackheads are nowhere to be found after using it for a week! 

My skin normally gets pretty red just by touching it, but this product doesn't seem to irritate my skin at all! It also has a mild fragrance which I personally enjoy. 

I have been enjoying compliments on how my skin glow for the past week, and I cannot wait to see how my skin changes in the long run! 

It is definitely my favourite step in the shower now! ❤❤❤

And I highly recommend this product to anyone with any skin type as it this product is gentler enough for everyone, but still effective enough even for acne-prone and aging skin!

Meanwhile, you could also watch how I use this product in action in the video below!

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