My eyebrow routine with Veet Sensitive Touch

Has anyone ever experienced having awkward eyebrow situation in between your eyebrow salon visits? Or having your skin burnt as a result of eyebrow waxing? 

Well, at least I know I did for sure. 

If you are going through the same shizzzz like I did, I have a life-changing good news to share with all of my fellow beauty junkies! 

I can't remember the last time I have messy eyebrows, and I can't even remember the last time I fuss about not having time to visit the brow salon, or just any waxing house to get my unwanted hair hidden from the public eye. And it's all down to ONE device that does it all, the Veet Sensitive Touch

This handy product which comes in a lovely pink packaging is only about the size of your palm! 
Don't judge a book by its cover as this little device packs a punch!  

Each pack of Veet Sensitive Touch comprises of a beauty styler, a two-sided precision head with a long and short blade specially designed for eyebrow shaping, a bikini trimming blade, two different comb attachments, a sleek cap for both aesthetic and hygienic purpose, a cleaning brush which all could be fit into beauty pouch that comes with it! 

This innovating beauty gadget can be used anywhere, anytime as it operates on an AA battery, which comes in the packaging too! How convenient! 

This palm size device which comes with two different detachable heads for different needs have been my go-to for any hair removal in any parts of my body, be it eyebrows, underarms or bikini lines! Now, razors are no where to be seen in my house as I had had enough of rusty blades which need to be replaced frequently and even if it's new, I risk cutting the skin of my sensitive body parts too! 

 The beauty styler head.
This blade comes in a two-sides with one side having a longer and the other side a shorter blade. 
These different blade lengths are perfect for targeting different areas of the eyebrows! 
I like to use the shorter ones above my eyelids for that precise hair removal;
whilst the longers ones are perfect for sculpting out the perfect arch and tail from my forehead! 

 This smaller comb attachment, is again great for the eyebrow. 
Use this to trim off the long and unruly hair on your eyebrow to create a nice silhouette for your eyebrows! 

 Bikini Trimming blade for getting into the smaller areas and shorter hair for a thorough hair removal! 

Or put on this comb attachment to trim off the longer hairs around your bikini line or your armpit as an initial step to total hair removal. 

Watch my latest eyebrow routine with the help of Veet Sensitive Touch!

This device is so easy to use, even for a first timer! 
I only used less than 2 minutes to get the eyebrow shape I want, then I just do the usual filling and setting my brows and voila! 
Eyebrows on fleek! 

You could also achieve this quick and easy Korean Eyebrows with just as little as three swipes! 

First swipe: Use the comb attachment to trim the long and unruly hair. 

Second swipe: Run the beauty styler underneath your brow to create a straight brow effect. 

Third swipe: To bring down the arches to create the trending Korean straight brows! 

What I absolutely love about this product compared to convential styling blades is that these blades are designed to never come in contact with our skin even if we place it directly on our skin. This is totally mind blowing! 
This feature may seem really minuscule, but imagine putting something sharp and pokey near your eyes, I wouldn't ever wanna do that.

With this all new innovative hair trimming gadget, I never have to worry about having red and inflamed skin after my eyebrow trimming sessions anymore! 

I can't imagine going back to the ancient styling blades anymore! 

Veet Sensitive Touch is now available at all major pharmacies nationwide at RM119.00 only! 
Start saving time without compromising beauty with this all new innovative beauty gadget! 

You could also read more about this device here!

Find our more details about Veet Sensitive Touch at their website

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