Slappy Cakes @ Sunway Pyramid

The first and ever DIY pancake shop has arrived in Malaysia! 

Presenting Slappy Cakes, originated all the way back from Oregon, USA. Slappy Cakes is famous as a playground of pancakes. 

Long time followers of mine would have already known by now that there's no way I could resist the temptations from waffles, pancakes, crepe or any desserts made with batter. I just love how squishy they are and basically just how it tastes! 

But then again, I kinda got a little tired of the usual round-shaped pancakes with maple syrup, I mean, if the batter is amazing they would taste out of this world; but if it doesn't, it's only gonna be bad and boring. And that's why I got all pumped when I heard that I can customise my own pancakes! I could make it any shape or size I want and I can even add different toppings to my pancakes! 

Founded by a humble family back in 2009 with its first shop in Portland, Slappy Cakes is now a full-fledged international business and has since been featured on various American shows namely The Cooking Channel, Rachael Ray, Women's Day Magazine. Slappy Cakes has become an American icon when it was crowned the "America's Best" by Food Network's Alton Brown. 

I couldn't contain my excitement for this brunch all day, fun all day place! 

Every inch of this place vibrates pure happiness and I couldn't think of a more enjoyable place for kids to be in. Kid imaginations tend to run wild and by bringing them here may have the chance to express their creativity. And if you think this place is only for the young ones? I'd say no cause I've seen all the young-at-hearts having a pleasant time here, that's me and D included. 

Each table is equipped with a griddle so you will have an amazing time making your own pancake right in front of you anyhow you want it! 

Slappy Lemonade
This is their best-selling drink. You may even request sugar-free for this drink like we did or minimize the amount of sugar used so that you can save up some calories for the pancakes.

Watermelon Juice
No additional water, 100% goodness from the watermelon. oh yum!

Orange Juice
Your daily source of Vit C freshly squeezed upon ordering.

Toppings for the pancakes consists of marshmallow, banana, honey, chocolate chips and whip cream.

Here we have chocolate, peanut butter and pandan flavour batter for our pancakes!

The skilled staffs are extremely helpful so don't be shy to ask for assistance if you don't know how to make an artistic pancake. Here we have one of the staff demonstrating how to make an Olaf pancake.

Once the pancake starts bubbling, flip it over. 

Voila!!! Allow it to cook for a few minutes before consumption! 

Feel free to customize your pancake however you want it! 
There we have our friends tossing in some mushrooms to make their pancakes savoury ones! 

Mickey mouse! 

If you think Slappy cakes only serves pancake, though that's their best dish, they do serve proper food for those with monstrous tummy (aka adults) too! 

English Breakfast
It's quite literally the perfect English Breakast in a plate. 
I love the sausage and the ham, which added more flavours to the dish! 

Spaghetti with Poached Salmon
This dish was nothing too fancy but it was quite all right. 
You get a decently flavoured spaghetti and a huge piece of salmon steak so what more can you ask? 

Salad with roasted chicken

I am sorry to say, as much as I would like to comment on the taste of the rest of the food served, I couldn't, because I didn't get to taste the dishes. There were some inconsiderate people in the bunch who snag all the food before some other people even had the chance to try it! 

But I could say for sure, we utterly enjoyed the process of drawing our own pancakes, and anticipating how it turns out at the end of the process. It was surprisingly therapeutic and amusing to be making these and eating them at the end of the process. 

I highly recommend bringing your little ones here and for those who are interested, they conduct pancake drawing classes too! 

Slappy cakes @ Sunway Pyramid
Address: SPWF001, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid West,, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Bandar Sunway, Selangor.
*it's at the new hotel area of Sunway Pyramid, and you could get here by walking towards the end of Padini Concept store!
Phone: +60 3-5650 5125

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