Gogyo Ramen Dining @ IFC Mall, Hong Kong Central

Founded in the year of 2013 by the reigning International Ramen King  Shigemi Kawahara, GOGYO was born after much anticipation with some of its first stores in Kyoto, Nishiazabu and Nagoya.

We were absolutely lucky to have been able to treat our taste bud to a brand new high with the opening of this amazing ramen chain in Hong Kong! 

GOGYO, a casual-chic Japanese Ramen Gastropub is the perfect place for dining with a few friends or for special occasions! It aims to provide an authentic Japanese dining experience by staying close to their motto "Starts with Drinks and Tsumami and Ends with Ramen". 
So expect to find a wide array of Japanese drinks, our fave from the beverage menu was definitely the interesting beer selections! 

The highlight of this Ramen Dining place has got to be their five legendary ramens, which in my opinion they all looked equally delicious! But do also expect to find some other interesting items on their extensive menu featuring over 40 items including tsumami, main dishes, desserts, as well as Japanese craft beers and beverages.

This cute owl beer by the name Saison Du was a refreshing drink to go with our meals. 
This beer is only made in limited quantities monthly so consider yourself lucky if you manage to snag one! 
It tastes sweeter than an ordinary beer and but it's absolutely refreshing and fragrant. 
Even a non-beer lover like me enjoyed every sip of it. 

Empire Roll 

This was the perfect sushi in my head, featuring gigantic popping ikura, uni at the side and all of these sitting on top of freshest seafood (fish and prawns), if heaven serves food, I would think this is the food they serve in heaven. 
Putting it into our mouth was a dream too! 
The various toppings added a unique texture to the overall sushi, but overall it was mushy but firm at the same time. 
Uni and ikura was the flavour enhancer here, and the combo made the sushi absolutely savoury!

The pork chop was another enjoyable experience!
Grilled to a golden brown, the pork chop was glazed with the most delicious teriyaki sauce which has the perfect blend of sweet and savoury taste. 
It was served in a sizzling hotplate so the meat was able to retain its tenderness even after a while. 

My ramen of choice, which turned out to be slightly bland for my liking. 
But don't get me wrong, the soup is meant to be slightly less flavourful because the soup was boiled with two different types of fish and chicken instead of the usual pork and lard. 😄😄😄
I love my ramen, but if I am honest, I don't quite like how oily they are, even though their taste is out of the world. 
So, I really enjoyed my refreshing bowl of ramen. 
Not only I got to enjoy my ramen, I didn't have to deal with the guilt later on. 😜😜😜

GOGYO Kogashi Miso ($128)
The specialty dish of Gogyo which was also the must-try from the bunch! 
The soup was boiled for extended hours utilising charred pork lard in its soup base thereby giving it a unique smoky taste. 
As it uses pork lard, do expect the soup to be so much oilier and richer compared to the other traditional ramen soup bases. 
But we absolutely loved the dense and intense flavour of the soup.
Though I wouldn't recommend drinking them down your tummy. LOL.

Black Ramen ($108)
Yet another extremely flavourful soup bases for all the foodie who love intense flavourings!
This is slightly spicy but exceptionally fragrant with the additional mayu which did not only adds to the flavour but also the colour! 

I highly recommend checking them out if you're a fan of Ramen like we are! 

Address: shop 3020
Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:30 Mon – Sun & Public Holidays
Phone: 2385 1366


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