Indobowl @ Tryst Cafe SS15

Strategically located at the bustling town of SS15, TRYST cafe has been operating for many years. The secret to success in the competitive world of cafe business industries? 
It's Indomie! 

Read on to find out how selling bowls of indomie makes Tryst Cafe one of the longest standing cafes in SS15. 

Donning an absolutely rustic design, this place screams raw and genuine, even borderline shabby if I may add. 
But I suppose that's the attraction of this place especially to many of the students studying nearby because you don't feel intimidated at all upon entering this place, and you know it from the look of this place that dining at this place will not cost you a fortune. 

Other than the main bar section, the rest of the premise has an open air concept, and it makes absolute sense as this place is quite the 'hub' for shisha lovers. 

But if I have to be completely honest, it's not my favourite kinda settings, because, I. LOVE. MY. LUNGS. 😇😇😇

The funkiness of this place wasn't merely displayed on the walls of the premise, it was also nicely translated on their foods! 

Especially these Indomie's with a twist! 

Signature Green Sambal + Egg + Grilled Chicken Breast

Signature Red Sambal + Egg + Grilled Chicken Breast

Signature Red Sambal + Egg + Battered Chicken 

Signature Green Sambal + Egg + Grilled Lamb Rack 

Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting much from this dish, because it looks like anyone can make this dish, even I who's hopeless at cooking will be able to make this at my home. But taking the first bite completely blew my mind away! 
The noodles were surprisingly springy and it went really well with the sambal! Opt for red if you love exciting and exploding flavours on your tongue, or play safe and opt for the green sambal to enhance the flavour without numbing your tongue. 
The grilled chicken though, was what I thought to be the highlight of the entire dish! 
Not only was it grilled to golden perfection, it was also absolutely tender and juicy on the inside! 
Well marinated flavours were boosted with an interesting aroma of the flames, making the grilled chicken such a joy to relish in! 

If your stomach is a black hole like we do, go for this signature platter where you get to enjoy 4 varieties of protein supply on top of 4 servings of springy indomie! 

If you love your mamak mee goreng, you should check Tryst Cafe out for an interesting twist to your mundane mamak mee goreng! 

Address: 74, Jalan SS 15/4c, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours:  10AM–1AM

Phone: +60 3-5887 2085

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