Vermicelli Kong Home Noodle House @ Paradigm Mall

A wander in the quiet Paradigm Mall on a Sunday afternoon resulted in an exciting revelation! 

Haven't been visiting Paradigm Mall in the longest time, we surely weren't aware of the opening of this homey noodle shop.

Specialising in Vermicelli, this shop is one of a kind. 
It even has an interesting ordering system which could get a little confusing at first, 
but once you got the jizz of it, ordering and customising your own dish feels like a dream come true! 

Basically, everyone gets the basic ingredient which is the Vermicelli (duhh), then you get to choose from the 4 interesting soup bases. There are Tomato, Salted Vegetable, Tom Yam and Superior Soup. 
Please note that Tom Yam soup comes with an additional charge of RM1.80. 

Next, you get to choose the ingredients to be eaten with your vermicelli! 
1. Abalone Mushrooms / Vegetables = RM11.80
2. Home Porkballs / Luncheon Meat = RM12.80
3. Pork Slices / Squid / Fish Fillet / Fish Paste = RM14.80
4. Prawns / Scallops / Mussels / Premium Fish Fillet = RM16.80

You may also pay for add-ons or side dishes! 

Tomato Soup based with Fish Fillet (RM14.80)
Thick and hearty Tomato Soup was definitely a stunner! 
We almost couldn't stop drinking the soup after our first sip. 
It was a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury, absolutely appetising. 
The vermicelli is bouncy and juicy too! 
But the portion is a little disappointing in our opinions. 
We paid RM14.80 for merely 3-4 pieces of tiny fish fillet and 2-3 pieces of lettuce. 
Vermicelli portion merely filled up a quarter of our tummy. 

Tom Yam Soup Base with Homemade Pork Balls (RM16.60)
The Tom Yam soup definitely lack an oomph to it. 
It's such a shame that we had to pay extra for it. 
It wasn't sour nor spicy, it doesn't taste like Tom Yam to me. 
The pork balls though, was tender and flavourful, but again, I wish they have given more. 

Szechuan braised beef (RM5.80)
Yet another devastating portion. 
It fits just nicely into our palm, and there were only 4 pieces of meat top! 
It tasted more like canned-beef than braised beef. 
They certainly need to up their game if they want to thrive longer. 

My verdict:
Will I revisit them? 
Probably yes. I must say the tomato soup keeps me coming back, 
but then again, I wouldn't visit them frequently because the heavy price tag is pretty daunting. 

Will I recommend them? 
I'd say there are better noodle house in the market that serves bigger portion food and probably taste better. 

Home Noodle House @ Paradigm Mall
Address: Lot 2F-22 Paradigm Mall, No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: 03-7802 8305
Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

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