Yeast Bistronomy @ Mid Valley

If you have read my blog here, you would have known that I have visited Yeast for more than once. 
And this time I am back again at Yeast with D for lunch. 
Conveniently located in one of the busiest mall in KL, dining at this place is such a breeze especially when it comes to parking.

There wasn't a long queue like it always does in Bangsar, and the decor was pretty much the same! 

This place exudes a classy Parisian vibe which I absolutely adored. 
It's not hard to feel like we are in somewhere out of Malaysia when this place is brimming with the whites chilling and dining in this premise. 

As per our previous visit, understanding the menu was a real struggle. 
We had to guess and imagine what's on the menu, but of course, there's always friendly staffs around where you could ask for translation or recommendations. 

The selection for lunch menu was pretty limited, we both opted for chicken, but they both turned out to be pretty mediocre. 

French Roasted Chicken Thigh (RM18.00)
As much as I wanted to like this dish, I couldn't quite justify it. 
The portion was pretty small, but I guess with the price tag that comes with it, I can't complain. 
The chicken was a tad too dry for my liking, which isn't supposed to even happen, given that I ordered chicken thigh. 
The mash potato was quite all right, buttery and smooth, definitely something to relish in after having tasted the dry and bland chicken. 

Paillard de Poulet Grille - Frites and Salad (RM24)
Served with french fries and green salad, this dish took too long to be served. 
And what disappointed us was, despite the long wait, the chicken breast was still undercooked. 
Thank goodness we got an exchange, but that did majorly affected our experience with this restaurant.
The diced tomato and olives were great on its own, but it does nothing to the chicken breast. 
The chicken breast was again, stiff and dry, it wasn't pleasant to eat it at all. 
Salad, was the same for both dishes, 
fresh greens toasted in vinaigrette. 

My verdict: 
Will I visit them again? 
Probably not. 

Will I recommend them? 
Probably yes, but only their breads and pastries. 
I'd always come back for pastries and breads takeaway after 5pm (hooray 30% off!). 

Yeast Cafe Mid Valley
Address: Lot G(E)-013A Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall Lingkaran Syed, Putra, Mid Valley City, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2288 8011
Fax: +603 2202 0119
Operation Hours: Monday thru Sunday 8am — 10pm

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