Laser for Acne: Dual Yellow Laser @ Skin Gym SS2

Having absent from my favourite Skin Clinic for a little longer than I should, along with a sudden increase of stress level in my body, my skin sent me an S.O.S and I knew I'd have to book in another appointment with my trusty therapist / friend at Skin Gym SS2. 

After having discussed my problem: i.e. big and painful cystic acnes which don't go away with topical creams, redness, and marks acne left behind; my therapist Coarlly recommended me to go for Dual Yellow Laser which includes targeted spot scanning (to get rid of painful under-the-skin acne) and overall light therapy that enhances the overall radiance and skin tone.

What's Dual Yellow Laser? As the name suggests, Dual Yellow Laser emits two different wavelengths which are the 578 nm yellow and 511 nm green lights powered by our copper bromide based technology. Lights of these two wavelengths were proven to penetrate deep into the skin without causing collateral damage, meaning, patients can get immense benefit from this type of laser with no down time at all! 

The dual yellow laser is an effective but noninvasive method for various skin conditions such as repairing broken capillaries, removing thread veins, repairing sun-damaged skin, Melasma treatment, open pores, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, acne and acne scarring as well as removal of tags, moles, and warts.

But why is it especially beneficial towards acne skin patients? The dual wavelengths light emitted destroys P. Acne bacteria by targeting the by product named porphyrins, thereby creating an organic ‘singlet oxygen’ molecule that rapidly vanishes bacteria without harming the surrounding tissues. This process literally takes up only a fraction of the time needed for any ordinary antibody (oral or topical creams) to eradicate the bacteria. 

This procedure is also entirely safe for all skin types, including ethnic skin types which are prone to hyperpigmentation! 

The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete and is only conducted by trained doctor. 

Just like any procedure, we were taken into the room to have our face thoroughly cleansed first. 

During the cleansing phase, the therapist would also begin to identify the areas of inflamed and angry spots to assist in the targeted spot scanning later on. 

And below are my skin condition before the treatment:

After having my face nicely cleansed, I was taken into the treatment room to prepare for the procedure. 
My entire face was covered with gel to assist in light ray dispersion as well as gliding of the laser hand-piece on my skin. 

Then, the laser-protective goggles were placed over my eyes.

And the procedure began! 

A yellow laser beam was directed at the entire surface of my face, with special attention paid onto my cheeks, which are also the area where I had the most hyperpigmentation and texture issues. 

I'd say Dual Yellow Laser is by far the most comfortable procedure I have ever had on my skin! 
It was gentle and simple, I couldn't barely feel a thing. 

After having Dual Yellow directing all over my face to enhance collagen production while minimising redness and inflammation, my doctor changed the hand-piece to a different type where this time round, lights would be targeted directly at my individual huge and angry spots. 

This procedure though, I could feel slight pain, but it's entirely bearable, and I know I sound crazy, but I actually found the tingling/prickly sensation to be absolutely therapeutic! 

I could feel as though the yellow light was dancing in a circle around my angry spots, the feelings could get more intense, and there were about 3 cycles of laser scanning done on each spot. 

Some people might experience slight burning or tightness sensation with very little pain. But I felt absolutely all right. 
Despite having no painful sensation, my skin did look red and flushed for a couple of hours. According to the doctor, red and flushed skin after treatment normally entails by an excellent recovery! So I was quite pleased with my skin looking a little red after the treatment. If redness is a concern for you, you may cover it up with mineral makeup after the treatment and you're fine to proceed with your day! 

And below are my skin condition after the treatment: 
 My skin is still far from perfect but I am already very pleased with how it looks with just one treatment done! 

Pictures are taken with my bare face right after cleansing, no skin care, no sunblock, and no filter.

 As you could see, redness is GREATLY reduced and my skin texture has improved by a ton too! 

And below is a photo of me with skin care and just sunblock on:

It sure feels great to be able to head out of the door without having to pile on foundations and concealers! 

You may watch the procedure here:

A huge thank to Skin Gym for helping me to gain back my self confidence! 
And I'm also really happy that I have gained a new friend there who loves and takes care of my skin as though it's her own skin, thanks, Coarlly! <3 

Skin Gym Laser Centre @ SS2
Address: 1, Jalan ss2/72, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM
             Sat & Sun 10AM-7PM
Phone: +60 11-1133 8088


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    1. Hi! They often have promo for Dual Yellow Laser Treatments at only RM299! Like their FB page and stay tuned to their promo!

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  3. you look great but honestly you looked great -if not better- before too. I don't think you needed anything done. Contact us


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