Ballotin Chocolate @ Kota Damansara

If you have a soft spot for Chocolates, Ballotin Chocolate might potentially be your kryptonite. 
Nestled in the quieter side of Kota Damansara, Ballotin Chocolate is absolutely loud in its name for their too-cute-to-be-eaten handcrafted Valrhona chocolate bonbons.

Taking up only half of the shop lot, this shop is very easy to be missed from afar, especially when there is no signboard above of the shop. But taking a closer look at the row where Rebellion Coffee Bar is located, this all white shop with an elegant decor definitely stood out amongst all the other shops.

 This simple yet elegant facade reminds me of modern European design. 

Adopting the modern French design, this place uses mainly white and black colours. From the enviable marbles counter tops to the classy and timeless design of their chocolate box, everything in this space matches themselves without looking overly done. 
I thought the B&W theme was a brilliant idea to let the beautifully painted chocolate bonbons steal the show every time a customer walks in. 

They use only the best couverture chocolate from Varlhona, so the chocolate bonbons you're eating, are the real deal, not some cheap compound chocolate that tastes like plastic.
Varlhona is a French premium chocolate manufacturer and is one of the leading producers of gastronomic chocolate in the world. Their chocolates are generally used in high-end restaurants for their rich and intense cocoa flavour and a vibrant mahogany colour!

  It's easy to become indecisive when you're picking which one to go into your mouth first as there are more than 20 varieties of chocolates on display, with each of them looking like they're straight out of a painting. 
These chocolate bonbons come in 4 different types of shells, 
1. Dark Shell
2. Milk Shell
3. White Shell and 
4. Blond Shell (burnt and caramelised chocolate). 

Below are some of my personal favourites. But the innovative pastry chef is constantly exploring new possibilities and combinations so you'd be surprised to find more varieties the next time you step into this lovely little chocolate shop.

I'm a huge fan of the bitter yet aromatic dark chocolate so my ultimate fave has got to be Guanaja - 70% dark ganache with dried cranberries in dark shell.

66% ganache in dark shell. 
This comes in as a close second after Guanaja. 
This is an absolute chocolate indulgence!
As soon as the chocolate melts in your mouth, you could taste nothing but the bold and intense aroma of the Valrhona chocolate. 

Ms. Grey 
Earl grey ganache in dark chocolate shell.
I highly recommend tea lover to check this out! 
The strong earl grey taste has given the dark chocolate an aromatic burst! 

Cosa Nostra 
Gianduja ganache with feuilletine in milk shell. 
This one has a nutty but deliciously sweet taste with an interesting crispy yet chewy texture. 

Almond hazelnut gianduja with craquant in milk shell.  
Flakes of almond mixed in the delicious hazelnut paste promise an utterly fragrant nutty flavour, and at the same time providing a crunch texture. 

Feuilletine with fleur de sel filling in milk shell 
If you haven't tried having sea salt in your chocolate, you should definitely give this a go! 
A unique blend of sweet and salty flavour with a satisfying crispy texture of this chocolate have won countless hearts of their patrons and reigned as the best-selling flavour in store! 

Mr. White 
Smooth white ganache with macadamia nuts in white shell. 
Macadamia nuts have always been the perfect match to the extremely sweet white chocolate. What can I say? I love it! 

Vanilla infused ganache with strawberry jelly in white shell. This is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, or anyone who loves strawberry! I must say this tastes like sundae with strawberry purée and I'm not complaining! 

Yuzu Matcha 
We were super lucky to be able to sample the limited edition Yuzu Matcha, which was also a unique flavour! 
Yuzu which sits on the sour side balanced out the slightly bittery taste of Matcha, creating the perfect harmony of these two Japanese flavours. 

Vanilla infused ganache in white shell 
Incredibly sweet but satisfying with a rich vanilla taste. 

All of the Bonbon chocolates are crispy and thin on the outside but incredibly smooth, with a soft melting center that complements the myriad of interesting chocolates' flavours. These chocolates are great for gift-giving as well as a luxury treat to ourselves! 

ALSO! Watch us in action here! 
Each RM6
Small box: 6 pcs (RM36)
Medium box: 12 pcs (RM72)
Big box: 24 pcs (RM126)

Ballotin Chocolate
12 Jalan PJU 5/4Petaling JayaSelangor 47810
 Operation Hours:
Mon- Sun 11am – 7pm
 Food Ink:

Disclaimer: This blog post was written in collaboration with FoodInk but all opinions are mine. 


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