Cheong Kee Noodle House, Macau

Due to the short amount of time spent in Macau, we only managed to try out one restaurant. 

The truth is, we didn't even make an effort to look for this restaurant, though being listed as one of the must-tries. We pretty much just casually walked along the street of Rua Da Felicidade and stumbled across a beeline, which we quickly joined in the queue, and there we were, eating one yet another wonton noodle. 

I ordered a very normal looking noodle with oyster sauce and a bowl of wonton at the side. 
In my personal opinion, their noodle tastes much better than that of Mak's. 
The noodle was firm and springy; I never liked my noodle soggy. 
Mak's noodle left a bitter after taste which I very much disliked, but Cheong Kei's was delicious from the first chew to the end. 

Of course, D would have to try out their Beef Brisket. 
Noodles, again it was absolutely a joy to eat because of the amazing texture. 
The soup was very flavourful with a strong beef taste, which was D's ultimate fave! 
Beef wasn't soft enough to D's liking, but the good taste was a great compensation. 

Cheong Kei
Address: Alm Sergio 1A, Macau ( At then end of Rua Da Felicidade)
Phone:+853 2857 4012

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