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Skincare trends are perpetually evolving, but realistically there are only a few ingredients proven effective!

And I, as a person who works in the scientific scene do not ever say this lightly. 

Frankly speaking, there has been too many serums with claimed incredible formulations that would do it all (improve skin texture, smooth fine lines and prevent wrinkles etc), but do you know that most of the products marketed mostly use silicones in the form of dimethicone to achieve the abovementioned effects?

In all honesty, dimethicones don't do that much of a harm to the skin, in fact, application of dimethicones-containing products smooths out the skin instantly and it's absolutely amazing if you want an immediate result! But, I mean, if you're paying a fortune for certain skin care products, you wouldn't want anything that only sits on the skin and not do much to improve the skin from within, am I right? 

And that's why I've always been on a hunt for effective skin care ingredients that work to improve skin over time, and not just providing a nice canvas in times of emergency. 

Synergie, an Australian established cosmeceutical brand, is all about skin care which is stripped back to really basic levels using only ingredients that have been proven to work, and free of dubious ingredients including any filler ingredients, expensive ingredients as well as newly discovered ingredients which are yet to be clinically proven effective.

(Picture taken from Synergie website)

All of the products from the Synergie range are absolutely basic, be it the ingredients or the packaging. 

Each and every product from the Synergie range is formulated and made in Melbourne's laboratory with the highest quality cosmeceuticals and ethical standards.
Users of Synergie skin care are rest-assured that these skincare products do make a visible difference to the skin.

(Picture taken from Cosderm Website featuring Terri, an expert in cosmeceuticals from Melbourne)

What I like about Synergie Skincare is the fact that they don't confuse consumers with tons of products, their products come in convenient kit targeting different skin concerns!

For my acne prone, oily skin with texture, my fave products from the entire range has got to be the activating serum pack which contains Essential Vitamin A serum and Priority B!

You may have heard a few of these jargons and got really confused. But what are Retinol, retinoids, and prescription Retin-A?

They are ALL derivatives of Vitamin A. Retinol is readily available OTC whilst Retin-A is only available upon prescription. Retinoid is basically any products of Retinol or its derivatives.

Retinoids speed up cell turnover. In other words, retinoids work by shedding the outermost layer of the skin and building collagen. The exfoliation process unclogs pores whilst the collagen building process minimizes the appearance of fine lines. 

Though it may sound scary, but the truth is almost anyone over teenage years can and should use retinoids in order to prevent wrinkles formation or improving overall skin texture! If you haven't already known, some of the most effective acne treatment were actually retinoids! And these products come in a few different generic names such as Differin, Epiduo, Accutane etc. 
I have been using retinol on and off since my teenage years when I suffered from acne.
Until recent years when I discover the holy goodness of retinol, retinol has been a staple in my evening skincare routine. The first two products are targeting at Acne skin condition and is only available upon prescription.
But fret not, because you can now get your hands on retinol from the Synergie!
And guess what? It's my fave retinol product out of all the ones I have tried.

Essential Vitamin A serum 10ml
Key Ingredients:
• Rovisome™
• Lycopene

Stabilised Retinol (Rovisome™) - is the stabilized form of vitamin A. It works effectively to improve overall skin texture without causing irritation. The ROVISOME™ delivery system also enhances ingredients penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

Rovisome along with Lycopene (classified as carotene, found abundantly in tomatoes-enhances cells connectivity and inhibit collagen breakdown), work extremely well to enhanced the growth and repair process of the skin, thereby improving overall skin texture over time.

 Directions of use: Use this A+ serum as a pre-serum! I like spreading this evenly in a very thin layer all over my face, before using any serum, and make sure to seal everything in with a moisturiser.
Please, note that all retinoids are photosensitive (sensitive to light), so make sure to only use retinoids at night and make sure to use sunscreen in the morning.

The Essential A+ Serum has a gel consistency and is free of any artificial fragrances. 
The yellowish gel texture applies easily on the skin and leaves no tacky feelings behind. 
A little goes a long way, so use just a pea size amount for the entire face.
Its rapid absorption also makes serum and moisturiser application go on a lot easier later.

After using this product, you would notice almost an immediate effect on the skin after a good night sleep. My skin looked and felt instantly smoother and finer the next day. 

Benefits of Synergie Essential A + Serum
  • Restores dermal thickness
  • Reduces visible sun damage
  • Promotes the formation of healthy blood vessels
  • Restores the epidermal barrier
  • Regulates oil levels - aids in the management of acne
  • Reduces fine lines and improve texture through collagen stimulation
  • Reduces skin hyperpigmentation
Essential niacinamide serum 10ml
This product is a savior to acne skin and to rejuvenate aging skin. This product contains high levels (12%) of the active ingredient, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), and it is especially effective in reducing the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. Expect to see enhanced skin clarity and luminosity with this product. 
People with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface would benefit immensely from this serum. 

 Direction of use: Apply to the entire face morning before heavier creams
Contraindications: Do not use this product alongside with topical Vitamin C as Niacinamide can affect the integrity of pure-form Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid).

In comparison to the Synergie Essential A + Serum, the Priority B Serum has a runny texture which feels more liquid-y than the A+ Serum. 
Again, it has no artificial in it, so all you get is the natural scent of the product. 
I like to spread the product on my palm before pressing it onto my skin. 
It absorbs almost instantly into the skin and you're ready to apply your day moisturiser and sunscreen afterward. 

I really notice an incredible moisture balance on my skin after using this product, my skin also looks noticeably brighter!
Benefits of Synergie Priority B serum:
  • Boosts skin immunity
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Strengthens the stratum corneum and increases hydration
  • Suppresses excess oil production in acne sufferers
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces irritation and skin redness
  • Contains strong antioxidant & free radical scavenging abilities
  • Increases hydration resulting in a more luminous complexion and reduction in the appearance of fine lines
These are my skin before introducing these two serums into my skincare routine:

Textured skin, with hyperpigmentation. 

And below are the photos of myself after using these two products together for about a month now:

And this is how my skin looks with just some sunblock on!
The texture is very much improved. 
Just some pigmentation left. 
(Taken 5 minutes prior to posting this up)

If all of you beauty junkie out there are very particular when it comes to products which go on to your face, the Synergie “Clean Science” Commitment 100% Australian made and free of Parabens, Artificial colour, Artificial fragrance, SLS / Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, PEG and Propylene Glycol.

As these products contain active ingredients, if you are interested in getting the mentioned products, kindly contact
Cosderm Sdn. Bhd., and they will recommend you to the nearest clinic with available stock.
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