Whoosh Grand Opening at Sunway Pyramid

Fun fact: Who knows that I am actually a nerd who is partially blind without my glasses? 

I bet many people are unaware as I am hardly seen with glasses. I hate it when my glasses put all my styling effort to waste as it was always associated with terms like corny, nerds, dull etc. And those are the words I tried my hardest to steer clear from. 

 Just a couple of years back, glasses have made a comeback as fashion must-haves and this day, even people with perfect eyesight started gravitating towards the use of glasses to complement their ensemble. 

Happy to be there to witness the launch of Whoosh's 18th outlet at Sunway Pyramid on the 1st of March 2017 and I cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon and be amongst the hipsters who wear trendy glasses. 

In case you haven't already known, Whoosh is a subsidiary under Focus point, one of the major Eyewear companies in Malaysia, but it has since emerged to a full-fledged fashion eyewear brand and is highly popular amogst fashionistas. 

And the best part? These fashion pieces do not burn a hole in your pocket. 
Not only are these glasses extremely budget friendly, they also have a quick turnaround time, perfect for basically anyone, from fast-paced city dwellers to school students. 

Getting your prescribed glasses is now as easy as going to a fast food restaurant. You will just have to pop into any outlet you prefer, walk in and try on as many frames as you like without being approached by shop assistants, then go for an eye test, and within 30 minutes or less, you are ready to walk out of the shop with a brand new look! 

Whoosh offers a wide range of designs in 5 distinctive styles namely Sunnies, Trendy, Urban, Vintage and Young all under one roof. I am currently obsessed with skinny metal framed vintage glasses! I think vintage glasses exude a classy vibe and it's all I am after these days! 

With such great styles, you don't have to compromise on the price tag as all of the products come with 4 fixed affordable prices at RM165, 195, 215 and 265 only!

 Evelyn Ch'ng, the Principal Image Consultant of Emage Style Consultancy shared a few tips on how to choose the best-suited eyewear for different individuals based on their face shape, skin tone as well as personality! 

 Especially loved the part where she demonstrated how warm or cold colour tone eyewear brings out an individual's feature. 

Dato Liaw, Datin Joyce and management of Whoosh cutting ribbon to officiate the opening of Whoosh outlet at Sunway Pyramid

After the opening ceremony, a fashion show was conducted to showcase the essence of Whoosh's latest and most attractive eyewear from each category, demonstrated by different models of different face shape and character.

 Models looking stylish with Whoosh Sunglasses on! 

Guests checking out the latest range of eyewear by Whoosh

 I can't leave Whoosh without grabbing a pair of glasses home. 
And my choice was a pair of reflective sunnies that I've been searching high and low for ages! 
The problem with these sunnies is that they are never big enough to cover my entire face :( #bigfaceproblem 

From the wide range of products on displayed, I took my time to try on without being pressured into buying any and ended up walking out of the shop with my most favourite sunnies to date! 
Not only does it look absolutely stunning on me, the quality is impressive me too! 

If you haven't found the perfect glasses or sunnies that's suited to your face shape and skin tone yet, feel free to head over to Sunway Pyramid and try on as many glasses as you wish! 

Whoosh Sunway Pyramid
Address:  LG2.70 (between Digi & Osim)

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