Christmas in Hong Kong Day 5 - Australian Dairy Co, Kam Wah, Paul Lafayet,

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Our penultimate day in Hong Kong was again, filled with loads of eating as well as stocking up necessities! 
It's such a shame that despite having visited HK just a year prior to this trip, D has never tried HK's polo bun, which is my all time fave breakfast to go!

I remember having mine here the last time, which was always brimming with patrons, and I've been dreaming about it ever since! So this time, besides taking D to try out, I was all in to get my craving fixed before leaving this bustling city! 

Golden details adorning the entire shop, this place is easy to spot as there are always queue outside of this place. I remember it was pretty easy for me to snag a seat around 3pm or so, but coming here early in the morning this time, we were disappointed to find the super long beeline which looked like it will be taking forever.

What's the smarter choice? 

Me and my poor cantonese, made the wrong order and bought two original buns! 😐😐😐
Don't get me wrong, the original bun alone was mind blowing. 
It was extremely crispy on the outside, and utterly soft and fluffy on the inside.
It's everything you could ask for, and perhaps more, in this palm-sized bun! 
But having it early in the morning, we thought it was a bit drying. 

After eavesdropping how people made their order, I went forward and added on a POLO-YAU! 

Thick and generous slice of butter sandwiched in between the bun! 
The butter was, obviously, smooth and fragrant, but we could also taste some lemony after taste which we thought was really appetising! 
Wanted to order more but our brain reminded us the huge calories these buns contained. 

Kam Wah Cafe
Address: G/F 47 Bute St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Directions: MTR to Mongkok, take the B3 exit and walk to your left down Sai Yeung Choi St, turning right at Bute St
Hours: 0630-0000hrs

After some walking and exploring around this area, we found this quaint little shop which looked comfortable and served pretty decent char chan teng breakkie. 
So we hopped it and fed our tummy with more food! 

Modern and clean interior! 
Another thing to note: friendly staff which is you know is rare in HK! 

It was also the hottest day in HK. 
None of us needed jacket or anything. :/ 
Where's winter weather 😒😒😒

Complimentary drink. 
My choice was honey lemon. 

The simplest food ever to be served in a cafe, but whatever, we were craving for such simplicity so we had to order one! 

After our filling lunch, we decided to walk around to burn those calories off. 
We soon found ourselves lost in the world of sneakers at Langham Place, Mongkok! 
D was super excited to have spotted a real life NMD! 
So we spent quite a lot of time contemplating if he should snag one. LOL.

The iconic long escalator in Langham Place! 

They were having Lego exhibition so it only made sense if we joined in the hype and snapped some photos! Heh

Langham Place Shopping Mall
Address: 8 Argyle St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Hours:  8AM–11PM

After so much of walking, trying on shoes, thinking, leaving the store and revisiting the store countless times, we finally decided it's time to leave empty-handed, lol, and headed out for some popular desserts instead! 

Australia Dairy Co @ Austin! 

Crazy queue! 
Thank god it's always easy to get a table for 2! 

The Milk Pudding! 

The Almond Milk Pudding! 
The winner was Almond Milk Pudding for obvious reason, I don't take dairy products. 
It means, even if you can't take dairy products, you will still have the chance to try out this notorious dessert! 
I was never a fan of anything almond milk based because I find the taste and scent pretty very much akin to those of the roaches :/ 
But with age, I started to appreciate all things almond more cause I can't take milk! 
And this was super super super gooodddd!! 
The pudding was soft and utterly smooth. 
Breaks upon contact and melts in the mouth instantly leaving a fragrant milky/almond milky taste! 

Also ordered some spaghetti cause we were pretty hungry by then. 

And I had the sandwich lunch option. 
Which was again, another foolish mistake of mine! 
They are famous for their luncheon meat omelette but I thought it means luncheon meat and omelette and this ended up in front of me. LOL. 
So if you're heading there, don't repeat my mistake and order their luncheon meat omelette!

Australian Dairy Company
Address: 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Hours: 7:30AM–11PM

Spotted a cute stairways in Tsim Sha Tsui! 

Found Paul Lafayet by accident while we were killing time in K11 mall and couldn't resist trying one of their recommended macarons! 

Opted for the Earl Grey Macaron and it was the best decision ever!
It was so fragrant and the level of sweetness wasn't sickening!

Paul Lafayet at K11 Mall
Address: K11 Mall, K11, 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Hours: 12–11PM

Dinner was at a very beautiful place in a mall in Tsim Sha Tsui with D's cousin and his wife.
It was our last dinner together before leaving HK, so we were here at this cute little place which served super good food!
Thankful to have William couzie to bring us around for these amazing food whilst we were there.

Read here for a complete review on this restaurant! 

Later that night, we continued to stock up my beauty supplies and some shampoos etc which we don't have in Malaysia from Sasa, and we went out for a some whisky until past midnight. 

It was a pretty long day and I was dreading to pack for departure! 
I had the best time spending Christmas 2016 in HK with D although the weather wasn't cooperating. LOL. 

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