The Point Restaurant and Bar, KL - Perfect Valentine's Celebration

Valentine's day this year falls on a weekday, so naturally, we had to celebrate it in advance. I mean, who's got time to dress up for a long date night and then have to wake up early for uni the next day? 
I know we are definitely not willing to sacrifice our sleep. 
Furthermore, celebrating it ahead of time saves us tons of money and provide us heaps of privacy too, so why not? 

Not gonna lie, I used to think D is rather slow on picking up the coolest places in town, but this time he thoroughly proved me wrong as he brought me to an absolutely romantic place which is apparently really popular amongst lovebirds! 

Most people love their special meals to be dinner, but being the morning person we are, we love having lunch instead! 

Located on the first and second floor, adorning a signboard that blends in with the background, this place certainly didn't appear attractive to me at first sight if I am honest. 

But I was quite intrigued when I caught a glimpse of the wall filled with romantic pink roses at the end of the stairways. 

Valentine's day OOTD!
Top: Forever 21
Coated Jeans: Warehouse
Shoes: Bershka
Hangbag: Gucci
Choker: Forever 21

This place was selected as the Best Restaurant of 2016, and that's when I was certain that D did not disappoint me! ❤❤❤

I literally squealed when I saw this beautiful wall! 

If you are here for a delicious meal in a romantic ambiance with your loved ones, The Point Restaurant is the place to go. But if you're here for a drink or two with a bunch of pals with loud banging music in the background, The Point Bar on the second floor will most definitely be your type of heaven. 

We went to the romantic restaurant (duhhhh!)! 

Matching white top for Valentine's celebration! ❤❤❤

From the picture, you could see that this premise is not the most spacious one. But tables are still comfortably separated providing adequate privacy even if it happens to be a full house. 
Dim lighting with the dark theme of the restaurant definitely added a hint of mystery and a whole lot of romance to this place! 
We enjoyed having the whole space to ourselves on that Saturday afternoon. 

Look at their plethora of TWG tea! 
I am a big fan so I was over the moon when I spotted the wide selection of tea selections from their menu!
Can't help ordering a pot of Silver Moonlight for the two of us whilst waiting for our food to be served! 

They also have a great selection of wines housed in this beautiful wine cellar! 
Neither of us is into wine, so we can't tell you what they have. 
But feel free to ask for recommendations from their friendly staff! 

Friend or Foie (RM48)
Pan Seared Rougie Foie Gras, Served with Blackberry Reduction, Brioche, and Pistachio

D's recreation from the main dish. Ha! 
This dish was no doubt the winner of the day! 
While the blackberry sauce was absolutely delicious, it didn't mask the taste of the foie gras at all! 
You could still taste the rich and buttery aroma of the foie gras while it dissolves almost instantly in your mouth. 
Everything in this dish was perfect. 
I couldn't recommend this dish enough! 

Cod's Gift (RM65)
Perfectly flaky pan-seared Atlantic black cod served with smoked caviar dressing, mushroom fritters, asparagus, and balsamico.
I would say the portion is somewhere 150g~200g of black cod on this plate. Black cod (Sablefish) is known to break easily making grilling it almost an impossible task! But kudos to the chef to be able to achieve such feat on this dish, not only he was able to keep the fillet intact, he's also to keep the tenderness. 
The fish was really fresh, and it's easy to tell because it was absolutely fatty and juicy! The combination of the balsamic dressing and smoked caviar enhanced the flavor of the cod which would otherwise be flavourless. 
However, I think that their Asparagus is tad over-steamed, and I'm not a huge fan of mushroom fritters either, mushroom fritters made the entire dish appeared un-glam if I may. 
Overall this dish was rather bland.

The Duck, Her Egg, and Waffle (RM36)
Duck confit served with homemade waffle, fried duck egg, and plum sauce.
FYI, this is from the brunch menu!
We are the absolute waffles addict, especially homemade ones. And we were extremely delighted as the waffle here was totally on par with our expectation!
Slightly crispy on the outside, but really  soft and buttery on the inside, this is certainly not something you would get at any normal dessert shop.
Different from our usual chicken eggs, I think duck egg, especially the yolk has a creamier texture.
 Salty duck confit paired with the sweet & sour plum sauce was magical, it managed to bombard every receptor on our tongue simultaneously.

Rack and Roll (RM68)
Herb crusted New Zealand lamb rack, miso infused, served with truffled mash, pumpkin tempura, caramelized pearl onion, and plum juice.
We ordered medium rare for our lamb and it turned out superb. Lamb is partly juicy and partly meaty, definitely an ideal right fat to meat ratio content.
As hard as we tried to detect the miso or umami taste from this dish, it was to no avail.
The mashed potatoes, on the other hand, caught us by surprise. The hint of truffles is so heavily dominating and we were this close to placing our second order.
Again, though the tempura pumpkin was very sweet and soft, I honestly dislike the idea of inserting a fried side on such a pretty dish. 

We had the best time enjoying our intimate and romantic lunch at this place. 
I highly recommend checking this place out for special occasions or celebrations! 
As this place is highly popular, reservations are advised to avoid disappointment. 
They have also added a few new dishes to their menu and we are eager to go back and try out more! 

The Point Restaurant and Bar
Address: First and Second floor, 122, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2011 8008
Hours: Monday - Saturday 5:00 pm - 1:00 am. Wednesday - Saturday 11:30 am - 2:00 pm.

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