Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine at Publika

Stopped by Publika this day for some meal. Upon googling I found this Edo Ichi Japanese restaurant, which always came at the top of the search list. 

We were all in the mood for some Japanese cuisine, so after looking at the reviews posted, we decided to check this place out. 

It was slightly difficult to find this place, because it is located at the ground floor, where I have never explored before, I always thought it's parking lot. LOL. 

The place was nicely decorated. 
We were seated in a cubicle, 
which gave us tons of privacy. 
But it's also because we were somewhat hidden from view, 
it was slightly hard for us to reach to the waiters.. 

This was GGOOOOODDDDDDDddddddddd! 
Although the prices were at the pricier side, 
but would you just look at the portion, 
I thought they were really generous. 
Every slice was thiccckkkkkkkk
and fresh! 

Set lunch is available, 
so go for them set lunchhhhhhesssss! 
Which again, I think is really worth the money! 

Cod fishhhhhhh!!
Which was really gooooddddd!
But I could be biased here because I have always loved cod fish! 
It's fresh and cooked to perfection. 

Need I say more? 
HUGE portionnnnnnnnn and super generous and high quality ingredient. 

Look at the sizeeeeeeee!!! 

I picked this special dish to try out, 
and it was MIND BLOWING!
It is volcano roll, 
there are sushi underneath those look like melted cheese? 
Every piece of the sushi was covered with the sauce, 
which tasted slightly sweet and sour but thick and creamy. 
Saying this is tasty is definitely an understatement. 

Overall, the meal was on the pricier side compared to ordinary Japanese Restaurant,
but their portion is pretty impressive. Would definitely come back for another bowl of Volcano Roll and try out their other dishes as their menu changes according to seasons!

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