Northern Coastal Seafood, Butterworth

We travelled to Perlis in a haste. 
I listened to my friend's advice to stay a night at Penang, but not the island, 
before going up north into Perlis, where we most probably don't get any good food or accommodation at all. 

I expected this trip to be somewhat fun with loads of delicious food feasting, 
but it was a rather boring one, without any interesting food to eat in the area.
And due to the fact that we were rushing all the time. 

 Stopped by Ipoh for a good breakfast before going to Penang. 
Well, I am definitely not a fan of soup noodle, 
because it is just impractical to eat in this hot weather. 
And I dislike having to battle my chopsticks to secure those noodles in place, 
and go smoothly into my mouth. 
This noodle was really delicious! 
And with the air cond blasting right at my face, 
I relished eating every thing in the bowl. 
And I was really satisfied. 

Then we headed to Penang and checked into a hotel. 
Which was nice and clean and spacious. Loved it. 
The only problem was that, there wasn't any good food around. 

Sooooo... After some pretty intense googling, I finally picked this place, the Northern Coastal Seafood.

Not too bad! Quite a pleasant view. 
We picked outdoor seating, 
which was really nice! 
It was windyyyyyyy and you get the listen to the waves hitting the shore.

 Piggy Sis Jasmine was sick, or homesick. LOL. 
It was her last dinner with us and she would be studying in Perlis for 4 years!

Now it's time for the foooddddd...

 I love me a good Kung-Po Mantis Shrimp!

Mum loves yummy soury fooddddd... 
So this one was able to satisfy my mum's finicky taste bud!

Food was okay! And it is pretty wallet-friendly. Our whole meal was about 100-ish, bargain!

Address: 1, Jalan Pantai Bersih, Taman Pantai Bersih, 13000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 19-457 6617

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