POOLS sound art event at SGFA

I have never seen, oh wait, listened to sound art before, so this was definitely something new to me. 
Which explained why I was overjoyed to receive an invitation to this event.

I honestly had no idea on what to expect on that day, but I was definitely nervous because it looked a really formal event.

It was an event of new sound art composition featuring Malaysian and New Zealand ambient sound synthesis.
For SGFA's inaugural pavilion - Urban Folly

The event was opened by HE John Subritzk,
New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia

Paul Timings,
the sound artist.

Sound art is ratherrrrrrr unique. 
You listen to a mixture of different nature sound, 
and I guess you have to pictureeeeeeee some form of arts? 
Not quite sure how it works. 
But it's such a shame that people started talking when he started to play his sound art. 

Made a new friend from Cambridge,
who came here for an internship. 

Overall it was a fun experience and I look forward to explore more different forms of arts! 

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